What Breed Is a Cavapoochon?

Cavapoochons are incredible little dogs to have around the house as a companion, friend, and as a family dog. They […]

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Cavapoochons are incredible little dogs to have around the house as a companion, friend, and as a family dog. They have incredibly bubbly personalities that pretty much represent the way they look. However, have you ever wondered what breed of dog a Cavapoochon dog is? well, let’s take a look.

A Cavapoochon is a crossbreed dog that is crossed with three other dogs. These three dogs are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Bichon Frise, and finally, the ever so popular poodle. During the breeding process, there is one other dog involved and that is the Cavachon.

I think after realizing where the dog actually comes from, a lot of people will probably automatically be able to associate the physical and mental characteristics of the Cavapoochon with those three dogs. All of that said, there is a lot more to this than what I could just answer and that small paragraph. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

Cavapoochon: What Breed Is It Exactly And How Is It Made?

Now that we know a little bit about what dogs are used to breed a Cavapoochon, I think it is important to take a look and exactly how the dog is bred. We are then going to take a look and discuss a little bit about each of the three dogs that make up the Cavapoochon individually.

Two of the three dogs are used in the breathing process first. These dogs are the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the Bichon Frise. Once these two dogs have been used to breed, that puppy will then be a Cavachon. Once the Cavachon puppy is old enough and turns into an adult, it is then bred with a poodle.

And there you have it, the pup that is born to the Cavachon and the Poodle will be the Cavapoochon. Now, we are going to talk a little bit about all of these dogs individually and we are going to also mention the Cavachon.

If you think about it, a Cavapoochon is the offspring of the four dogs that are used in the breeding process even though the Cavachon hardly gets mentioned. It is important to talk about each of these dogs so that we can all have a better understanding of why the Cavapoochon is the way it is in terms of its physical characteristics and its personality traits.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the many breeds that belong to the Spaniel family. It is also one of the smallest spaniels that you get. This dog is also one of the most popular dogs at any dog show because of its patience and intelligence.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel will be one of the calmest dogs you have ever owned. While it has a few different personality traits the three that stand out the most for any dog owner or breeder are its playfulness, intelligence, and patience.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a small dog but not as small as the Cavapoohon or the Bichon Frise. The average size for this dog is around 13 to 18 lbs ( 5 to 8 kg ). It has a life expectancy of up to 14 years.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a dog that was bred to be more of a companion than anything else. It is not a very sporty dog and due to its very small size, I don’t think it will do a good job as a guard dog. All of that being said, it’s little bark could be seen as a good alarm.

The Bichon Frise is a very playful and cheerful dog and it may come across as being rather feisty at times. A lot of Bichon Frise owners will tell you about how affectionate their dogs are. When you mix all of these personality traits together, you get what I can only describe as, a true companion and a friend.

This is a very small dog. In fact, in terms of height, it only grows up to approximately 30 centimeters and that is the very high-end of the measurements. It also only weighs up to 11 ( 4.9 lbs ) and again, that is the biggest of these dogs.


There is not much to be said about the poodle as it is one of the most popular dogs in the world. So, most people know what it is and if I am going to make a brave assumption, I would say that most of us know someone who has a poodle, most probably your grandparents if I am being honest.

There are 4 main types of poodle dogs. These are:

  • Toy poodle
  • Miniature poodle
  • Standard poodle
  • Medium poodle

A toy poodle can be as small as 24 cm in height while the standard poodle can reach up to 60 cm in height. Poodles are very active and alert especially during their younger days. However, one of the most common reasons why people love poodles so much is due to how faithful they are. Oh, and their intelligence is also phenomenal.


As we mentioned above in this article, the Cavachon breed of dog is the pup that you get when you have a pup with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. So, when you mix those two dogs together you get this very small, playful, and happy puppy.

The Cavachon is a great family dog due to how affectionate, playful, and full of life they are. One thing to know about a Cavachon is that it requires a lot of attention and while this isn’t always possible in a house without kids, sometimes, for these affectionate dogs simply being around you is enough

The Cavachon is not the smallest dog on this list, in fact, it can grow up to and way about 30 lbs. ( 13.6 kg ). For a “small dog”, that is pretty big.

Cavapoochon Personality Traits

In this article, we spent quite a lot of time discussing the personality traits of all the dogs that are used in the breeding process of the Cavapoochon. The reason why we did this is so that when reading this section, we can all have a better understanding of why the Cavapoochon has certain personality traits. Here is a list of Cavapoochon personality traits.

  • Friendly
  • Affectionate
  • Gentle
  • Cheerful
  • Highly intelligent
  • Alert

Looking at those personality traits may seem like deja-vu to you. Well, it is because you just read most of them here in this article. As you can see, the Cavapoochon draws its personality traits from all the dogs that are used in the breeding process.

All of these personality traits are what makes this dog so highly regarded as a family companion.


That brings us to the end of this article and what we tried to do was take a simple question and give you a straightforward answer. The reason why we do this is because we don’t want you to walk away from this article with any further questions. So, we decided to go as in-depth as possible.

Knowing where a dog comes from and how it was bred can be a lot of fun. It also helps to answer a lot of questions that you might have regarding your dog. For example, let’s say your dog is acting a little bit strange, if you find out that maybe that personality trait comes from one of its parents, then it becomes easier to understand your dog.

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