Are Yorkies Good With Kids

You might consider getting a dog for a pet if you have kids so they can play with them. Teaching […]

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You might consider getting a dog for a pet if you have kids so they can play with them. Teaching your children some responsibility at an early age is the way to go. There are a multitude of breeds you can consider getting if you have kids. A small breed like a Yorkie might be at the top of your list. So the question we are going to ask ourselves today is, are Yorkies good with children?

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular breeds of small dogs. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are good with children. Younger kids are not the best choice for this breed, but it may be a different story for older children.

Overall, that does not mean that Yorkies and kids cannot get along. If you are set on getting a Yorkie and have younger children, you must teach them right away how to properly treat your little fur baby while starting training for your dog at a young age.

As we continue, you will learn why Yorkies can be great pets for your kids and family alike and what it takes to train them to engage in activities with your children properly. We will also discuss other options for small dog breeds if you are not entirely set on adopting a Yorkie.

Is It Worth Getting a Yorkie With Small Children?

If you have a toddler, it would be smart to wait till your child grows up. Young children or babies can unintentionally harm your dog, making them take a defensive stance on the situation. Something to remember is that Yorkshire’s are a breed of a terrier, which means their small deminer comes with braveness and toughness you might not expect, and a dog of any size knows of only one way to defend itself and that with their teeth.

That being said, Yorkies make great companions for older children when they can realize how to treat a small animal. They will give your child something to care for and love, teaching them responsibility while also giving them an outlet for their energy by taking them on walks and playing.

Yorkies do love to play, but only in specific ways, so it is essential to teach your children how to do this when they come of appropriate age. Yorkies love to chase and to be chased. However, they are not too fond of most physical play types, such as pushing and pulling their tail or ears. This can cause your Yorkie to growl or nip at your child. When this happens, it is imperative to reprimand your dog to deter this behavior, but it is just as essential to teaching your child not to do such things in the future.

Are Yorkies a Good Family Dog?

Yorkies can indeed make for a fantastic dog for your family. They tend to be very loving and loyal to their owners while also love getting all the attention you can give. They tend to be very adaptable, meaning that no living space is frankly too large for them because of their small stature.

Their Size

They are great for families that live in apartments and large homes alike. Not only that, but because of their small size, you are allowed to take them into places where other dogs more than likely are not allowed to go. Yorkies can be carried into stores and sit in the cabin with you on airplane flights instead of having to be in a crate in the back with the cargo, which could frighten your Yorkshire, making them amazing dogs for families who like to travel.


Yorkies also make excellent watchdogs, in a sense. They have a fantastic sense of hearing and will alert your family of anyone that comes close to your home. While still a tiny breed, they cannot physically defend very well but are still very protective of their owners.


They are hypoallergenic, meaning they have a lower likelihood of causing allergic reactions. Their size is a contributing factor in reducing the possibility of having an allergic reaction. However, the main factor is that the Yorkies’ fur grows very similar to human hair because when one of their threads gets too old, it will fall off, and a new one will arise. This allows the Yorkshire Terrier not to have an undercoat and prevents a huge amount of shedding that other dog breeds have. The drastic reduction in hair shedding also makes cleanup a breeze when you own a Yorkshire Terrier.


Yorkies can also make great pets for families with other pets, depending on their personality. Some may be standoffish and maybe snappy around other pets, but most are very friendly and can get along with most other pets. However, Yorkies were bred to be rat hunting dogs, so avoid getting a Yorkie if you have guinea pigs or hamsters as pets.


Are Yorkies Aggressive?

In general, Yorkshire Terriers are not an aggressive breed. However, any aggressiveness always comes with a reason. Your Yorkie will bark, growl, nip or even bite if the situation calls for it.

For instance, these fur animals can be scared if they have had a negative experience with another dog or person. In that case, they can bark excessively or defend themselves by biting out of fear.

They can also be stressed out over certain things, such as thunderstorms or fireworks, which cause loud noises. If you try to calm or console them without making yourself known, they could accidentally nip or growl at you, mistaking you for whatever is causing the noise, stressing them out even further.

Training Your Yorkie to be Good With Kids

Yorkies and children can be a great companion, provided you’ve trained them to be socially acceptable of children. The best and easiest time to prepare your dog to behave around your children is when they are puppies. Most dogs go through a period of development when they are around 2 to 4 months old. During this time, they will be more likely to accept and be comfortable around your children and other family members and friends that regularly visit.

When you get your Yorkie puppy, you should introduce them to your children in a positive way. Do this by having your children interact with the pup while you supervise them. Be sure to teach your kids how to treat and play with your Yorkie puppy properly, and let your kids give them treats when they are nice and when they obey their commands. For instance, always reward your Yorkshire when they learn to sit or lie down or even fetch and bring back a ball.

Even the most well-behaved child can get a little too excited and go overboard by throwing their arms around your dog and hugging them or pulling on their tail when they are playing. You can prepare your dog for this by practicing these acts with them.

Be sure to reward your pup with plenty of praise and treats while you gently hug them, pull on their tail, check their ears, and hold their paws. If they react negatively, it is best to teach your kids not to perform these actions and always supervise them while playing with or being around your Yorkie.

Doing all of these will ensure your Yorkie that good things will happen when your kids are around, and they will be seeking their attention all of the time.

What Small Dog Breeds Are Best With Kids?

While Yorkies can be a fantastic dog for families, here are some other options you can consider when looking for that perfect breed for you and your family.

1. Miniature Schnauzer

These small dogs have huge personalities. They are knowledgeable and are easy to train. They love to play as they are very energetic. But require daily exercise to keep them tired, or their overt amount of energy can get them in trouble when they get bored.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is very affectionate, friendly, and loving. They love to play and can take all the attention you can give. However, the CKCS are easily frightened, so yelling, loud noises, or negative reinforcement may cause them to run and hide. They also have a moderate energy level, so this might not be the best choice if you have over-energetic kids.

3. Beagle

While slightly larger than the other breeds, they still make unique pets for kids. They are full of energy, always looking to play and have an adventure of any kind. So be sure to give them a lot of exercises. All this energy in a small package comes with its downsides, mainly beagles are very difficult to train because of this, and they are also susceptible to bark all the time.


Yorkies can be great additions to your family and can make excellent companions for your children if you take the proper steps to introduce them and train them. While Yorkies may not be the absolute best for kids, we hope that the other breeds we briefly discussed can help you find the perfect dog for your family and their lifestyle.

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