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Best Small Animal Water Bottle

Like all things, small animals require water to live and be happy. However, finding one that sufficiently hydrates your little […]

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small rodent

Like all things, small animals require water to live and be happy. However, finding one that sufficiently hydrates your little friend while keeping things within a respectable budget and maintaining some durability can be difficult. But fear not, because after reading this, you’ll be well-equipped to decide based on your little friend’s needs. 

You can purchase many water bottles for your little fur baby, but the best ones will last you a long time and not leak what seems to be the entire cage! Here is a quick list of the products we will review below:


  • RentACoop small animal drinker
  • Vannon top fill small animal water bottles
  • Lixit half-gallon weather-resistant water bottle
  • Choco Nose patented no-drip water bottle
  • MidWest Homes small animal water bottle
  • Depets 2PCS no drip small animal water bottle
  • Living World eco+ water bottle


This article discusses how many ounces each water bottle holds and what it advertises. Not only that, but we will discuss what you can do if your rodent water bottle happens to drip. This is essential knowledge so you can save money and be proud of yourself for learning how to fix things! For more information, continue reading below. 

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Why Do Rodents Need Water Bottles?


Rodents need water bottles to stay hydrated. Drinking water is something they need to do to keep themselves happy and their internal organs functioning properly. Without having a substantial amount of water, they may become ill. The same can be said of drinking water that isn’t clean or utilizing a bottle made from harmful chemicals.


What Are the Best Small Animal Water Bottles?


As mentioned above, there are many small animal water bottles, but we have created a list of good nominees for you to choose from. 

1. RentACoop Small Animal Drinker


The first bottle on this list is the RentACoop, an all-in-one animal water bottle. This bottle is ideally suited for all small rodents, ranging from ones as small as mice and as large as bunnies. Essentially, every little creature you could have would benefit from having one of these bottles! Most importantly, the nozzle is drip-proof, ensuring your fluffy friend’s cage remains dry, and the bottle can endure quite a bit of punishment.

2. Vannon Top Fill Small Animal Water Bottles


While the Vannon is a little pricier than the RentACoop, you can customize the colors if that is your thing. Still, more importantly, you are getting a product that is BPA-free and drip-proof, and the nozzle itself utilizes a small roller ball inside. 

Hence, you do not need to worry about the product malfunctioning and harming your little friend. It also fills from the top, making it a no-hassle choice when you need to top it off.

3. Lixit Half Gallon Weather Resistant Water Bottle


While most of the bottles on this list lean more towards an indoor pet-based cage system, the Lixit offers some versatility and peace of mind with its weather-resistant design, making it a must if your little friends are more outdoors-oriented. 

The bottle utilizes the same ball-bearing design as the Vannon but is dramatically cheaper and outdoor-friendly. Couple that with the wide-mouth design, and you have a water bottle that will meet your and your pet’s needs.

4. Choco Nose Patented No-Drip Water Bottle


Choco Nose knows what people want from a bottle: a simple base design with a stainless steel spout, ensuring your pets get the water they need. You aren’t paying outrageously for features you don’t need. 

With this basic design, you gain the security of its no-drip design, with the added benefit of the bottle itself having a screw-on bracket, making refills and maintenance on your animal cage quick and easy. Alternatively, if you want a more permanent fixation for your animals, you can nail the bracket in.

5. MidWest Homes Small Animal Water Bottle


Assuming you wanted to maintain the combination of a stainless steel spout with the durable plastic water bottle, you could safely invest in the MidWest Homes water bottle. The bottle not only does both easily but also features a no-drip nozzle like most other water bottles.

The MidWest Homes animal water bottle has a more aesthetically pleasing design for kids, using vibrant colors of blue and yellow that make things a bit more lighthearted without sacrificing any hydrating capability for the investment.

6. Depets 2PCS No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle


Hydration is no laughing matter, and if you have multiple animals or cages you want water going to, you’ll want to do a double take on this water bottle.

The Depets small animal water bottle comes in a wonderful two-for-one package, making the most of your initial investment and coming with a quality, durable product without sacrificing anything from the durable materials to its drip-proof reliability. Like the MidWest, you get the added benefit of them coming in blue and yellow colors.

7. Living World Eco+ Water Bottle


Last but certainly not least we come to the Living World Eco, which is a 12-ounce water bottle featuring a very minimalistic design, having a stainless steel spout, and a double ball-bearing tube, which keeps the water from going like a faucet, and your pet hydrated when they need it most.


How Do I Stop My Small Animal Water Bottle From Leaking?



The most crucial factor to bear in mind regarding a water bottle leaking boils down to whether or not it is installed correctly. While most water bottles feature a similar design in one way or another, some require the bottles to be utilized at specific angles to function properly.

If a bottle isn’t lined up according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can obviously experience leaks that will inevitably either flood your little pet’s cage or, worse make them sick; assuming installation was followed properly, then the product itself may have been damaged in shipping, or perhaps other outside forces have broken something on it.

If you believe this is the case, remove the bottle itself and carefully inspect it beginning with the top of the bottle itself, and gradually getting more detail oriented as you work your way down to the spout. A crack in the bottle will be very noticeable, while an issue with the spout may be more difficult to notice, so take your time and be diligent.




At the end of the day, you want your little fluffy friend to have the water they need to be as happy with their day-to-day lives as you are. Hopefully, one of these water bottles meets the specifications that both you and your rodent deserve.

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