How Much Does a Bichon Frisé Cost?

Bichon Frises are among the most popular breeds in America. They are lovable and have personalities that brighten up the world […]

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Bichon Frises are among the most popular breeds in America. They are lovable and have personalities that brighten up the world around them. Buying a Bichon can be expensive, and so can the costs once you bring your cute little Bichon home.

Prices can range from $300 to $3000 and beyond. It will depend on where you purchase the Bichon.

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How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost?

The table below lists the typical costs:

AKC Registered Bichon Breeder$1000 to $4000Responsible Breeder (non AKC)$700 to $2000Adoption Rescue Organization$75 to $300Pet Store (not recommended)$600 to $900

Purebred Bichons can be pricey. If you are on a budget you should consider the cost of owning a Bichon. I’ve provided some common costs associated with Bichons towards the end, it can also serve as a shopping list.

Before I get to that let’s look at the different places you can buy a Bichon and how they differ from each other.

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Adopting a Bichon Frise

Animal shelters in the U.S. frequently have Bichons available. There are also rescue organizations dedicated to helping surrendered Bichons find new homes. If you are on a budget this can be helpful as the cost to adopt is usually minimal.

List of websites with Bichons for adoption:

Bichon Frise Club Of America Charitable Trust

The Bichon Frise Rescue effort. They are dedicated to rescuing Bichons, rehabilitating them, and finding new homes. They also allow Bichon owners to turn in their Bichons to them, rather than taking them to a shelter where they may be killed. The site is updated regularly with new Bichons for adoption but at certain times they may have none available for adoption.

Adopt a Pet

One of two large pet adoption sites.


Second Large pet adoption site


Features a map of the U.S. and lists the number of Bichons available for adoption in each state

Responsible Bichon Breeders

A Bishon pup from a breeder will, generally, cost more than pet stores because of the costs involved in breeding and maintaining the breed standard. Responsible breeders won’t breed dogs that have an illness, deformity, or temperament problems. Breeders that care about the Bichon breed will select only the highest quality Bichons to breed.

The costs are higher because breeders often only have a dame and need to pay for a stud fee to another breeder. The fee they pay can be $150 to $300. There are other costs associated with breeding. The breeder assumes the risk, financially, if something goes wrong and there is an emergency. They also have to pay for deworming, vaccinations, in-house vet visits, microchipping, and other fees.

AKC Registered Bichon Breeders

Breeders who register their dogs with the American Kennel Club have to pay a registration fee. They also have minimum qualifications they have to meet to be eligible. They are the most expensive, but they are of the highest quality and of the purest bloodlines. It should be less common to run into health complications as the dog ages.

Benefits Of Buying an AKC Bichon

  • Verifiable ancestry

AKC breeders must keep records of the lineage of their dogs. This information is passed onto the new owners. It will give you a good idea of what to expect from your dog. Some of the details can include full-grown size, body type, ear shape, tail style, coat, and temperament.

  • Specific traits

The breeders will be able to give more detailed information about the breed and the lineage that will give insight into personality, temperament, and what the breed was designed to do. AKC breeders breed the good traits into their dogs and prevent bad traits from being mixed into their line.

The Bichon Frise Club of America

Some Bichon breeders are registered with the Bichon Frise Club of America. They are members of the American Kennel Club (AKC). For a list of Bichon, breeders check out their website.

Breeders Require a Deposit

Typically, breeders will charge a deposit to hold the puppy you want. In many cases, it won’t be born when you want it and you’ll have to wait. The deposit usually gives you the first, second, or third choice of the litter–depending on when they received your deposit and the agreement you make.

Breeders Have an Application Process

Breeders frequently have an application process. They may have certain requirements you have to meet before they will give you one of their pups. This is a sign of a responsible breeder as they are protecting their dogs.

© Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Buying a Bichon From a Petstore

Most local and online pet stores use puppy mills and backyard (irresponsible) breeders. You should avoid pet stores at all costs. I understand that it can be cheaper but have you ever asked yourself why?

A large-scale breeding operation, such as a puppy mill, can produce hundreds of puppies in a short period. Treating dogs as a large-scale, capitalistic, type of business, has a cost associated with it.

Many times, the dams and sirs live in deplorable conditions, aren’t treated for health problems, and the owners do not care about the standard of the breed. They keep very few ancestry records if any. They have many breeds at their facility and are only concerned about profit because they treat it like a business.

With that said, if you do use a pet store you’ll often pay about the same amount as from a non-AKC breeder, maybe $100-$200 less. If you do your research, there is a good chance you can find a breeder that charges a similar amount in your area.

© Image by saviera via Pixabay

Costs Associated With Owning A Bichon

Now that you have a Bichon in mind what other stuff will you have to pay for? When you bring it home you have to have food and many other necessities. If you are a first-time dog owner and don’t already own these things you will have to buy them.

To be financially prepared for owning a dog you should budget around $1000 for expenses for the first month. If you already own basic dogs supplied then some expenses you won’t have to worry about.

$500 should be on hand if your puppy has an emergency. This happens more frequently than you might think. Especially with adopted Bichons and Bichons from pet stores.

I had an adopted puppy that had major health issues. I didn’t find out about them until the 3rd week of bringing him home. I was already attached to him, so I had to shell out an additional $500 for an emergency vet visit in the middle of the night.

Bichon Frise Expense List

These are most of the things you will need to get before you bring your Bichon home. It’s wise to get them in advance. A site like Amazon or Chewy will give you the best deals.

Lower EndHigher End1st month of food$40$75Dog Bowls$10$30Crate$25$100Bed$20$50Leash$10$25Collar$5$25Toys$10$50Grooming Brush$10$35Shampoo$10$35Potty Training Pads$10$15Toenail clippers$10$20Flea & Tick Treatment$45$60Heartworm treatment$45$60Plastic Poop bags$5$5Training materials$20$100Spay Neuter$75$300Treats$15$50License/Registration$10$25Name tag$10$25Pet Insurance$10$75Vet Checkup$50$100Vet Emergencies$500+$1000+Lower End CostHigher End CostTOTAL$945$2260

So, how much does a Bichon Frise cost? Hopefully, by now you understand that there are more expenses involved than just the initial purchase. You will have to set aside a budget each month for his expenses.

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