11 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pet Mouse

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are some of the popular pets that you usually hear and see. But as time […]

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Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are some of the popular pets that you usually hear and see. But as time goes by, mice have become common in regards to small pets.Perhaps you are asking yourself if it is true. And I tell you now that this is not a joke, pet mice are for real, planning to buy now? Oops! Not that quick! There are still things that you need to know before buying your own pet mouse.Upon reading this article, you will learn more about these pet mice.

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How long do they live?

According to Hutch and Cage, there are various kinds of mice that estimated at about 60 species, and their lifespan is depending on their species but on average. Usual mice do not live very long they have a short lifespan that they can only live for one up to three years and it still depends on how healthy the mice are.But this doesn’t mean that you will lose interest in them. Mice are not only cute and adorable pets, but they can also do tricks.

Can I buy only one pet mice? 

If you are asking if is it ok to kept pet mice alone? The answer is, that is not a good idea. If you are going to have mice as a pet, it is ideal if you get at least two.Because mice are sociable animals who can thrive with the company of their own species. Companionship is essential for them to have a healthier and happier life as it gave them the chance to interact with other mice.It is better to have females because they live well with other females than male mice who will not allow each other and always mark their territories that can be the result of a strong smell


What home should I give them?

Pet mouse home is one of the most care decisions you can make for your little furry pet. Mice should have a comfortable home that is suitable for their needs.The home of your pet mice should be spacious to avoid crowding and should have the right sizes of bars to avoid escaping. And according to pet experts, having fun is also essential for them.So, have their house or cage tunnels, passageways, and exercise wheels to run and to exercise with and some ropes or shelves to climb on, or anything that gives them the chance to investigate, entertain, and exercise freely and safely.

What are the things I need for their bedding?

In making bedding for your pet mice, make sure it is safe. There are lots of cheaper but safer materials you can use for the bedding of your pet mice.Shredded paper, kitchen towels, cardboard, or any card-based, are the best examples of bedding that are safe and cheap as well. As much as possible avoid the cotton wool type of bedding because it can tangle to their tails and knees. Most especially avoid the sawdust because it can harm your pet mice that can lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

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What do they love to eat?  

Healthy and a balanced diet are some of the most important things you should consider in taking care of pet mice. There is a lot of food you can offer to your pet mice.But some of the food they love to eat are mixed pellets with seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower, cucumber, dried banana, and seedless apples. They can also eat cooked pasta, rice, bread, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and even treats.Dog biscuits can also be given to them as it provides protein than mix seeds.

Do they need toys for activities?

These little pets need toys not just because they love playing but because they need them for their daily activities. The pet experts said you don’t need to spend a lot of money on buying toys because you can do it all by yourself.All you need is some cardboard boxes, paper bags, and tubes for them to hide in. Some use Do It Yourself stairs and ropes for climbing in, and some cardboard, softwood twigs, and other wooden toys for them to chew.And last but not least a wheel for them to exercise on, but the traditional circular wheels are no longer advisable because there are circumstances that their tails curl in the wheel, that’s why it is better if you go for a flat wheel instead..

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How do I groom pet mice? 

Mice love to groom themselves and other cage mates regularly throughout the day. Bathing is not recommended at all, but if your little pet is already dirty and need some wash, you can instead gently wipe them over.Just be reminded that if your little pet spends an excessive amount of time grooming himself, it can be a sign that he is stressed-out or nervous. So it is better if you observe your pet mice the day or a week after you brought them home.

What are their sleeping schedules? 

Mice are more active at night and sleep during the day. They wake up in intervals, they don’t go to sleep 8 hours straight as we do.Though they wake up occasionally, as much as possible try not to wake them all of a sudden as it will upset them. The House of Animal said that if you want to play with them, just gently talking to them as if they are answering, and try to offer some food, so that they will voluntarily come out.And by doing this every day it will become your routine soon and your pet mice will always be excited about the playtime.

How do I often clean their home?

Weekly cleaning of the home of pet mice is recommendable. Too often cleaning and disinfecting their home will lead your little pet to become overcompensate with the loss of scent.And after cleaning the cage of your little pet, why not replace the bedding with old cardboard or toy. The older scent will encourage the mice to use one part of their cage as their toilet, as a result, it will reduce smells from the litter.

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Are they delicate? How do you handle them?

 Mice are delicate animals, that’s why you need to handle them and treated them with extra care. Usually, mice are the ones who will climb onto the hands but if they frightened they will stay away from you. Mice love to run around their cages and that makes them hard to pick up. So if you are a first-timer and really wanted to cuddle these little mice, you need first to convince them by talking to them softly and then offer some food that placed to your palm, and secures that it will not escape and slowly pick them up. And if they escaped the proper way is to gently scoop the mice with the palm to catch them. 

Am I ready for pet mice? 

Like most pet mice lovers say, before buying or having a pet mouse, you should ask yourself first if you are ready to give your time, make an effort, pay special attention, and most importantly ready for an emotional commitment. Because remember this is not just mice, but it is also an animal that needs your love and care. 


Everyone in this earth needs tender love and special care, animal and pet is no exception. No matter how big or small your pet is, the case is it is still a pet.  A pet that can develop a great affection for its owner, and a pet that can be your friends someday if treated right.  

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