How Long Does Pet Mice Live?

Why are mice commonly the first pet for children? They are amusing, friendly, fun, and extremely active who will give […]

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Why are mice commonly the first pet for children? They are amusing, friendly, fun, and extremely active who will give long stretches of happiness and great company. That’s why mice can make wonderful pets for children. They are likewise intelligent and can be trained to do tricks.What’s more? Since they have significantly more limited life expectancies than other pets like dogs and cats, which can be a factor in a parent’s decision to get pet mice for their children.However, it may very well be hard for the children to get attached to pet mice just to lose them in a little while. The kind of life you make for your pet mice will incredibly influence how long he lives. What is the lifespan of a pet mouse and what can pet owners do to extend the lifespan of a pet mouse?Let’s find out!

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How long does pet mice live? 

The lifespan of pet mice is directly proportional to the kind of life you give them. Yet, in general, pet mice can live between 1-2 years.Pet mice have one of the briefest lifespans of all pets as per American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. Pet mice live a lot more limited lifespan than many species of wild rodents but some mice in great care can live up to 3 to 4 years.The kind of life you make for your pet mice will incredibly influence how long he lives. For instance, mice are extremely social animals, so getting yours a buddy will keep him more active and healthier.

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How long do they live with no food? 

Mice are significantly needier upon food than water. They can just go 2-4 days without food or something to that effect.But despite the fact that they can endure quite a while without food it is still ideal that you maintain to avoid this sort of scenario, especially if you want your mice to live longer. For instance, you can feed them with nonfat foods to avoid them from getting fat which can be a source of all diseases.

How long do mice last without water?

Pet mice can go for quite a while without drinking water since they get enough water from their food. The moisture from food keeps them hydrated.Mice have a fast metabolism, which makes them need to eat food frequently. While most mice can just last 2-4 days without eating, they can last a long time without drinking water as they generally get the amount of water and moisture they need from the food they eat.

In captivity, how long do pet mice live? 

With great care, pet mice in captive conditions can live for up to 3 years. Also, in some odd cases, they can live for up to 5 maximum years. Study shows that mice in captivity live longer than wild rodents. While mice are in captivity, they are safe from the danger of predators and other circumstances in the wild.However, mice in captivity must also be in good care in order for them to live long.

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How can I help my pet mice live a long life? 

 A long life expectancy starts with a good diet. 

A small amount of rodent mix is good for mice’s diet yet be mindful so as not to let your pet mice get fat. Mice love sunflower seeds as treats and may likewise appreciate little amounts of vegetables and organic products, similar to carrots, apples, and broccoli.In spite of common misconception, mice do not need cheese to feel better and some also badly react with some kinds of peanuts. Clean and new water must be consistently accessible and available from a drinking bottle.

Clean out your pet mouse’s house at least once a week and make it more often for males. 

Take out filthy and wet bedding but, ensure your mice are consoled by a familiar smell, mix a tad bit of the old sheet with the new. Ensure your mice’s house is away from a direct source of heat and is someplace they can be attacked by other animals.Have a schedule when it comes to cleaning your pet mice’s house. Of course, in order to have a schedule, you need to observe how long it takes for their beddings to be dirty enough for them to be replaced.

Mice love whatever allows them to climb, so ensure they can do this. 

If you use a tank, they will like a natural tree limb to hop on. You could suspend lengths of rope as a climbing toy for your pet mice.Your mice will likewise appreciate burrows, for instance, cardboard or plastic cylinders. Insert a small tunnel or some do it yourself ladder and swings. Make their home a playful place to stay and be active.

Mice need company and a mate to play with each other. 

It is best not to buy one mouse since they tend to get lonely and depressed without having a group to play or interact with. Try not to mix mice in with pet rodents or other rodent species as they might be eaten. It is normally safe to mix female mice up to the period of around 12 weeks regardless of whether they are from various litters.

Mice are quite strong however, due to their short life expectancy, are vulnerable to issues related to aging. 

They are inclined to mammary tumors and different tumors in spots like behind the legs and on the neck. They may likewise experience the ill effects of respiratory issues because of bacterial or viral contaminations. If you aren’t sure and worried about the condition of your pet mice, look for veterinary guidance rapidly – little pets merit as much thought as bigger ones.

In spite of the fact that mice are generally friendly and active, some might be normally shyer than others. 

Start by setting your hand unobtrusively in the cage, holding a treat, for instance, a couple of sunflower seeds. When mice become acclimated to taking this from you, instruct them to see food by making a similar sound each time, similar to a whistle.To get a mouse, hold the base not the tip of its tail delicately but rather solidly, at that point lift the back end tenderly and slide your hand under the mouse’s body. Kids shouldn’t deal with mice or some other pets except if they are supervised. 

How do you choose a pet mouse that will live long? 

Avoid mice that seem drowsy or sick, are housed with mice that have this appearance or from confines where guys and females are housed together. Search out sources that can give genetic and health background about their mice.A healthy pet mouse must have no discharge from the eyes, nose, and mouth. The mice should be lively and should not panic when being dealt with.No sniffling or wheezing should be obvious. Make certain to inspect the mice’s tail part. It should be dry and liberated from loose bowels or hardened stool.This is particularly essential to check when buying or receiving young hamsters, infant hamsters may have a disease called “wet tail” which can be lethal.


There is no perfect approach to taking care of mice because each mouse and each circumstance are distinct. It is up to how you look after your mice yet you should find a way to guarantee that you address every one of their issues.Remember that how you treat them will likely influence their life expectancy so it is better to take care of them like how you care for other pet animals such as dogs and cats.

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