Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

In buying a new gadget, you need to first know its specs and price. In buying a new bag, you […]

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In buying a new gadget, you need to first know its specs and price. In buying a new bag, you need to first know its material and its dimension. In buying food, you need to know first its content and expiration date.And these, same goes for buying or having mice as a pet. If you are planning to have mice as pets, you need first to know and learn about their behavior and mannerism. Having little pets are cute and fun, but that is not just about that.Giving them extra love, great care, and big attention are still not enough because they are little pet that is vulnerable. They also need to be understood to have better interactions and relationships.In this article, you will understand their trait as well as find if your little furry pets are categorized as either nocturnal or crepuscular.

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Are pet mice nocturnal or Crepuscular?

There are some sources stated that mice are nocturnal. Well, generally, mice are nocturnal creatures.Mice prefer to come out at night to find food, play and do their other routines. Science has revealed the myth, the real reason why they come out at night is that they just avoid being predator’s meal.But not all mice are nocturnal, according to Hutch and Cage, there are some mice that can be classified as crepuscular. And they are the one that kept as a pet.These crepuscular little pets are most active at dusk and at dawn, they can play and do their routines with half-light. Though your pet mice don’t need to find food, they still become energetic at night.Wild or pet wild mice and pet mice are both shy types but highly social animals. Little pet owners, find it easy to handle the little mice because they can do errands and work in the day, while their little furry pet is asleep and then can have playtime later at night when these little pets are very active.

What is the difference between Crepuscular and nocturnal?

How do you say that your pet is crepuscular or nocturnal? What is the difference between crepuscular and nocturnal, anyway?According to Wikipedia, the word crepuscular comes from the Latin word “Crepusculum” which means “twilight”. So typically crepuscular creatures are the ones that are most active at dawn and dusk or basically during twilight.They certainly sleep during the day, just lay low during the midday, and active and energetic during the night. On the other hand, still according to Wikipedia, the word nocturnal comes from the Late Latin word “Nocturnalis” meaning “belonging to the night”.Clearly, the nocturnal creatures are the ones that are most active during the night. They are certainly awake and active at night when humans on the other hand are sleeping. Nocturnal creatures generally have high hearing and smell senses.

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What is the disadvantage of having a crepuscular or nocturnal animal?

Having a crepuscular or nocturnal pet has its own advantages and disadvantages. But let’s just focus on the disadvantages. Some disadvantages are:

Nighttime Noise

Because mice are crepuscular creatures, it tends that they make noises on the time they are active and free to play which is in daylight and of darkness. That is opposed to the body clock of people.They are not loud pets, still, their activities can make noises. Mice love to run back and forth to their tunnels, climb on their ropes, chew some scrapped paper, bat their toys, and even rustle around their cage.These sorts of activities can make sounds that can disrupt the owner from resting or sleeping. You will likely hear noises at night that might cause you to find difficulties in sleeping and that can break the silence of the nightMost of all if you are in one place or sharing the same room together with your pet mice. On the other hand, if you might encounter these kinds of trouble that makes you awake all night, the solution is simple you can transfer the cage of your pet mice to another room.Just make sure that you transfer it from a higher place and assure and your little pet is safe and far away from any danger including from attacking some hungry predator.


Some mice that are nocturnal have the best night vision. While, pet mice that are categorized as a crepuscular animal, don’t have good eyesight just like any other mice.Your little pet mice don’t go well if there is a high intensity of bright light. And that is one of their reason why they kept on hiding during daylight.When the light goes down, that is their most awaited time to come out, be free, do their exercise, have a play, and eat their favorite food. That’s the time where they can see better and they are comfortable to do all their activities.

Time Frame

Unfortunately, pet mice are one of the shortest lifespans of all pocket pets, according to pet experts. The average lifespan of a mouse is only between one up to three years and it still depends on how healthy your pet is.Some healthy mice can live up to three years. But their short lifespan doesn’t mean you can have memorable experiences and unforgettable memories.You can still cherish every moment and second by putting in an effort and time and establishing a good relationship full of love and care.We can also include here that you need to have time to check if your the crepuscular pet is doing good, or active ever before and you need to exert an effort to meet your schedules and have bonding and many more.

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Why are pet mice crepuscular?

Mice have low eyesight; they cannot come out if there’s a very high bright light. That’s why they choose to hide and wait till the light goes down.Finally, when the dawn and dusk are approaching, they will come out, do their exercises which are running and climbing around their cages. They will be active all through the night till the light comes again.Your little mice are also fragile pets. Though they are kept in the house and have their own house, their crepuscular personality is still possessed in them for the moment they need to avoid some predators who will attack them.And this will likely to happen if you keep pet mice in their cage. But, if you already build a relationship or bond with your little pet mice, he can be felt at ease and be comfortable to move, play, and run around the house.Of course, they will still avoid the places that they feel they are not safe and might expose them to predators to catch them.


Mice and people have different body clocks. As we people are diurnal, the pet mice are nocturnal. But because these little pets are social creatures that thrive for interaction.They will and can adjust their schedules and body hours just to have interaction with their beloved owner. They will wake up for you and play when you are free and ready for a game-time with them and they became stay active all through the night.This article is just the beginning to help you understand mice as pets if you are planning to buy one and just an introduction for new guidelines for getting to know your beloved pet. We are still providing you some articles related to your pet mice. So stay connected with us for more articles to be published soon.

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