What Is A Chusky?


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For those who love dogs with short, simple coats and expressive eyes, you’ll adore the Chusky. This adorable pup has been bred specifically so it won’t shed excessively like some other breeds do. With its soft brown coat and playful demeanor, these fluffy intelligent dogs are somewhat stubborn and not ideal for novice owners. They can also grow very protective of their owner which makes them excellent watchdogs. If you want a smart dog that enjoys training, lots of exercise and cuddles then read on if Chuskies might be just right for you.

Chusky Overview

The Husky Chow Mix, also known as the Chusky and Chowski, is a cross between a Chow Chow and a Siberian Husky. This breed can vary in size depending on their genes: they are usually fairly sizable dogs that also have sizeable personalities. They make great pets if you’re experienced handling large breeds or enjoy being an alpha to your pup’s human/canine relationship.

This hybrid dog has become increasingly popular for those who want their pup’s size but not all that comes with owning one! The average weight of this lovable animal ranges from 35 lbs – 50lbs and they can live up to 18 years old at least if cared for properly.


Quick Facts

  • Life Expectancy: 10-13 years
  • Size: Medium – Large
  • Fur Type and Color: Very thick, coarse coats. Color will vary depending on which gene your chusky takes on the most but most common color is a faint golden brown.
  • Appearance: Combination of the fluffy coat that they have, typically with a golden or red color fur like on a Chow dog but longer and leaner legs from the Husky side.

Chusky Temperament

The Chusky is an energetic and intelligent dog, who loves to play as well. He can be laid back sometimes but he always needs attention from his family. The Chusky would make a great companion for any household because of how much energy they have and the love that they give! When not playing, these dogs are happy with some relaxing time on your lap or by the window just taking it all in-they’re smart like this! Sometimes due to their neediness for you at all times, long periods of separation might lead them down a dark path where they suffer from anxiety; however don’t worry about leaving little Buddy alone too often because when given enough exercise beforehand (daily walks), smaller intervals apart won’t cause him stress so easily!

Training and Exercise Needs

Training is not easy for this dog as he can be stubborn and needs an owner strong enough to establish dominance over him. Chuskies are clever though, so if you know how to establish yourself as his pack leader after training, it should go just fine. One important thing in order to make sure your canine companion learns well would be starting socialization and obedience training from when they’re young- around 5 weeks old or even younger than that depending on their breed/personality type.

Adequate exercise is crucial to the well-being of a chusky breed. They need daily walks and some play time in order to stay healthy, happy, and keep their pent-up energy at bay. They need at least an hour of exercise each day to keep them healthy and well behaved.

Do Chusky Dogs Need Much Grooming?

Chuskies are very furry animals, which means they shed quite often. Chuskies are the perfect companion for people who like to groom their pet daily. They need brushing and grooming on a daily basis to keep their coats from becoming tangled or matted due to heavy shedding. Another thing about these dogs’ thick coats is that it makes it hard for them during warmer months because they can’t cool themselves down with panting since air just gets trapped under layers of wool-like fabric.

Your chusky will need your help to maintain their oral health. They may be born missing a few teeth, so you have to make sure they keep the ones they do have! Brush them daily for a minute or two and change their toothbrush every three months with new toothpaste just in case of any bacteria buildup that could lead to plaque build up around those precious pearly whites!

Common Health Problems

Chuskies are born with only a few of their teeth, which can change the way they eat. If your dog cannot chew kibble because they are missing some teeth, you will have to switch them over to wet food so that their nutritional needs will be met properly. Consult a vet for advice on how much and what supplements would be good for them. Just make sure not too feed any more than the vet says because pets have different needs for how much they should consume on a daily basis based off factors including weight and age.

How Long Do Chow Huskies Live?

Chuskies are a breed of large dogs that typically enjoy having up to 10-13 years. In contrast with other breeds, Chuskies can live for 2x as long!

What is Chusky like with other children and animals?

Chusky dogs are loving, loyal companions to their families. They are active dogs that loves to play, but they have a protective streak. This means that children should learn how to properly approach and interact with them early on because if you don’t know what you’re doing, your furry friend will be overwhelmed by their newfound excitement. When meeting new dogs, make sure you stay calm or try giving them treats from afar if you think their energy might become too much for the child who just wants to play nice.

Chuskies can get along with other animals if they are introduced slowly and calmly. Early socialization will help this go smoothly. The best option is that the Chusky gets used to these pets early on as he may not be naturally fond of having another pet in his domain but might prefer being a solo pet at home since many don’t like sharing their space or attention.

Is The Husky Chow Mix A Good Family Dog?

Chusky is a breed that enjoys being around other people. They are great for families who want to have someone always entertaining them, but they do need their own space every once in awhile–especially when it comes time to sleep!

Chow Chows are very aggressive dogs with a strong prey drive. Huskies also have high levels of aggression and predatory instincts, but they’re usually not as needlessly brutal or unruly in their behavior. When the two breeds mate together to create the Chow-Husky mix breed, this can lead to problems. Therefore, chuskies are best placed in homes without smaller dogs, cats and other animals, and best placed in families with older kids.


If you’re looking for the perfect mix of athletic and playful, a Chusky might be just what you’ve been searching for. The gentle yet outgoing personality will keep up with your active lifestyle as well as provide endless hours of entertainment in front of the TV at home or on walks around town!

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