Mini Poodles: Everything You Need/Want to Know


Mini poodles are the tiny version of the poodles the world has seen for centuries. They are loyal pets, are loved by many, and are a great dog to have if you are in need of a companion. To get a good all-around picture of a mini poodle, here is everything you need/want to know. 

When it comes to everything you need and want to know about mini poodles, there are a few things that really make them stand out from other dogs. They are loyal, are not aggressive, and are hypoallergenic. They do require regular grooming, plenty of exercise, and do not like excessive noise. 

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Mini poodles are a very popular breed when it comes to single owners and family owners alike. Before pulling the plug and bringing home your own mini poodle though, there are a few things you should know. Continue reading to see how mini poodles came to be, what their physique looks like, what their temperaments are like, if they shed, and read a list of some things that may be considered cons for new owners. 

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How Did Mini Poodles Come to Be? 

With every dog out there, especially those that are considered to be a more prestigious breed, there is going to be a lineage that you can follow to see exactly how they were bred. Good breeding, in many circles, has become a bit of an art form when it is done in a way that is respectful of the dog and conscious of the dog’s needs and abilities. For mini poodles, this breed is not one that has always existed. 

Mini poodles are actually simply an extension of regular full-sized poodles. With every litter of puppies, no matter what the breed, there is going to be either one, or a few runts within it. When the larger breed poodles would have these runts, owners would take two together and breed them. This caused the small features of those runts to continue on and not create a new breed of poodle, but create a new size that no one had ever seen before. 

Through the consistency of breeding these small traits, the mini poodle has become a very popular dog due to its sizing. It is small enough to not take up an enormous amount of room within someone’s home or apartment, but is still large enough to not have to be toted around when going on a walk. The small features that have been passed down are the biggest appeal for many owners and are simply the mirrored image of the large poodle. 

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What Do Mini Poodles Look Like? 

Speaking of image, let’s discuss the appearance of a mini poodle. You now know that they are simply the smaller version of large poodles, but what exactly does this look like when it is brought down to scale and these poodles no longer have the never-ending legs, long torso, and brilliantly positioned snouts that the larger poodle breeds host? 

The most famous feature of a mini poodle is its curly hair. With their small size, this curly hair tends to make them look more like teddy bears rather than poodles (depending on their haircut style). Mini poodles are also shaped in a square, especially those that have a very good lineage. For example, if you see a dachshund you’ll notice that their legs are short and their torsos are very long, giving them a rectangular shape overall. 

For mini poodles, their legs are proportional to their torsos which helps to create a very aesthetically pleasing square shape from the dog’s body. This is also one of the reasons that mini poodles are so agile. Mini poodles also host a wide variety of colors for just about any preference ranging from black, to brown, to cream, to apricot  to even blue.  

What Temperament do Mini Poodles Have? 

One of the biggest pros that come with mini poodles is they are not even remotely aggressive. This is something that just about everyone wants to avoid when it comes to bringing a dog into their home and mini poodles are just the solution. This means that you don’t have to worry about them biting someone as they walk past on a public sidewalk and you certainly don’t have to stress about a mini poodle being good with children. 

Just because mini poodles are not aggressive does not mean they are docile. Mini poodles are extremely attentive and because of this, they make wonderful guard dogs. They will not attack, but they will always tell you if someone is approaching that shouldn’t be. They are also very attentive to their owner’s emotions. If you are feeling sad and are projecting that, your mini poodle will follow with the same kind of emotion to imitate your own feelings. 

Outside of their ability to guard, mini poodles are also extremely loyal companions. They are a very intelligent breed and once they know you are their owner, there will be no turning back. Mini poodles are very attached to their owners and have no qualms showing it. Even the larger breeds have been known to try and sit in the laps of the ones they love most. This is an especially desirable quality for those looking for a long-term pet. 

One last quality that really separates the mini poodle from other dog breeds is how much it thrives on positive emotional support. As noted earlier, they are very attentive to owner’s emotions, but even more so, they thrive when they are praised. The more you praise a mini poodle, the more excited it will become and the happier it will be. Mini poodles need to hear support just like humans need to. This also plays a huge role in their loyalty to their owners. 

Do Mini Poodles Shed? 

One of the biggest problems for people with allergies who want to own pets is the problem of pet dander. Pet dander is essentially the amount in which any animal will shed and thus, irritate your allergies. This can be a huge problem for those who are looking for a dog, but simply cannot take on the amount that it will shed due to the dander inevitably upsetting their allergies. 

However, when it comes to mini poodles, this is one characteristic that has sent them to the top of the list when it comes to owners with allergies purchasing or adopting these dogs. Mini poodles are considered to be hypoallergenic which means they are very unlikely to cause any type of allergic reaction due to their minimal shedding. With mini poodles, many homeowners say they would never know a pet was there with the lack of dander around the house. 

Beyond just being hypoallergenic thorough, mini poodles are considered to be the lightest-shedding and most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds. For those of you with allergy issues that are dying for a pet that is loyal, well mannered, attentive, and intelligent, the mini poodle hosts all of these qualities while also being the perfect solution to your allergies. 

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Are There Any Cons to Mini Poodles? 

At this point, it would seem as if the mini poodle is the perfect dog breed for just about anyone. There is a reason that mini poodles have gotten so popular in recent years, however, it is always important to look at the whole picture of any dog before you bring them into your home, no matter how good they may sound on paper. Mini poodles are wonderful pet, but there are a few cons that should be discussed so you know everything you need to. 

Regular Grooming is Required 

For short-haired dogs, grooming beyond getting their nails trimmed, is pretty much a non-concern. Although mini poodles are known for their adorable curly fur, it is difficult to keep. On top of having to be professionally groomed every few months, they also need to be groomed and brushed at home every single day to ensure that their coats never get matted and to keep their fur nice and healthy. 

Poodles Do Poorly in Noisy Environments 

Poodles are very friendly dogs, but they are not the type that enjoys things to always be in a state of chaos. They like quiet and more consistent environments, therefore, fireworks, loud music, or a commotion of people can be an instant startle to them. Even more, this can cause them to become very irritable. Mini poodles are great with children, but this is something to consider if your house is always a place of very high activity or noise. 

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Poodles are Not Happy to See Strangers 

Just like if they were to have children, many dog owners want to be able to show off the personalities of their pets. There are qualities and behaviors that they get to see day in and day out and want others to get to experience and find joy in as well. However, mini poodles are very timid when it comes to strangers. They are not the type of breed to greet everyone they meet with a sloppy kiss which can be great for some owners, but turn other owners off. 

Poodles Need Extensive Exercise

Mini poodles are very active dogs and have been bred in a way that is conducive to an active lifestyle (remember the square shape of their frame). They need to be walked at least twice a day and should be taken out for runs a few or more times a week. This can be great for those leading active lifestyles or for people with backyards, but for those who are looking for a dog that is happy to lounge all day, a mini poodle is not the choice for you. 

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