Do Cavapoochons Make Good Apartment Dogs?

When you are living in an apartment and want to get a dog, what should you look for? You might […]

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When you are living in an apartment and want to get a dog, what should you look for? You might find yourself researching to no end and not finding an animal that will fit your current needs or wants, especially if you are like me who loves big dogs! There are many different scenarios to take into consideration when finding a dog that you love, such as how they act, how well your pooch can train or what size they get to be, but one of those animals you might be doing research on is a cavapoochon.You are excited looking into this breed specifically over the fact that they are easy going and get along with other people, which is rightly so! Cavapoochons do not shed as much as most canines do and their breed is anywhere between a small and medium sized dog. But do they make a good apartment dog? The quick answer is yes they do. However, like any other dog, no breed is perfect and there are many aspects to ponder over before we make a definite decision over what kind of breed we are wanting to choose to live with us in our apartments. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons with you, but in my personal opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.

Pro: They Do Not Weight As Much As Larger Breeds

A typical large dog weighs around 50 pounds and gets to be a height of around 24 in, however cavapoochons are roughly 12 to 20 pounds depending on what gender they are. It is safe to say that the pups are considered anywhere between a small to medium-sized breed of dog. Knowing this information will help us ensure that they will not take up as much space as a bigger breed of dog will, which can definitely be used to your advantage as the apartment renter, or in some rare cases, owner.

Pro: Cavapoochons Are Friendly With Everyone

These sweet furr babies’ temperaments are non-aggressive, super easy-going and sociable, so having neighbors close by to you will ensure that they will not be antisocial towards them but instead will want to be pet and be loved by everyone they meet.Not only do they love humans, but get along very well with other breeds of dogs. Of course, if you live in an apartment complex, this means that there will be a ton of dogs walking around with their owners every day. I have seen some complexes even having a small dog park or a field that you can bring your animal to and meet other people through that, so you never know if you might find a friend or two through their friendly attitude!

Con: This Breed Can Be Vocal At Times

It is true that cavapoochons get along easily with others, but they can also be very vocal at times. It is not like the typical yappy bark that many small dogs have who bark at pretty much nothing, but there is a reason for their barking. Usually it is from seeing something like a squirrel or they wind up getting bored at home or are left alone too much throughout the day. This can potentially be a problem when you are living in an apartment, but it is their way of saying that they are unhappy with how things are going. Not only that, but the pup will also alert you when a visitor is knocking at your door.If this winds up being the case for you, here are a few ways you can help with separation anxiety in dogs:

  • Leave the radio on before you go (make sure positive music is on)
  • Leave your dog with clothes you recently worn for the scent and make sure it is accessible to them
  • Do not make a big deal when you enter or leave the apartment and pet them calmly instead of with excitement
  • Consider using a calming product for dogs to help reduce anxiety and fear in dogs
  • Establish a word or motion that you use every time you leave to let your pup know that you will be back shortly
  • Make sure they have a big window to look out of and toys to play with

A quick thing to note is to make sure you are not punishing your dog or to put them in a crate for this behavior. It is simply just a way of them saying they miss you.


Pro: They Are Very Easily Trained

Although your pup will bark at specific things, a bit of training would be very beneficial to them, especially whenever you use positive reinforcement. This breed is very intelligent and they learn easily so you can guarantee that it will not take very long to train them. During the time you train your animal, it is recommended that you crate train them, but if you deem it necessary to take the crate away after the initial training, go for it.Depending on how much your devotion is and what time you have available, you can expect your dog to be trained anywhere between 1 to 3 months. A routine is a must during these times. You can always ask a local professional trainer for help if need be.

Pro: Your Pet Will Still Need Proper Exercise

Living in an apartment can be hard to exercise your dog’s legs. If you live on the third floor and already have a dog, you know the hassle of having to walk all the way up and down multiple times a day. For a human, that can be very exhausting at times, so you might not be wanting to do it as much as your pooch needs, but being able to give them plenty of exercise is a must in order to ensure your dog will be able to live their best lives.Here are some great exercises to do for your dog:

  • Go jogging after they are a year old
  • Get a dog treadmill for them
  • Set up some play dates
  • Have doggy daycare days
  • Play hide-and-seek or hide-and-treat
  • Learn new tricks, like high fives
  • Play tug-o-war with your dog
  • Go to a dog park
  • Find a small field to play fetch with or do some indoor fetch

Pro: You Do Not Have to Worry About Shedding

There are so many animals, not just dogs, who shed all over the place. I have lived in an apartment with dogs who shed, and every single time I swept, it seemed as if there was a huge pile of hair lying around everywhere. It was a disaster because we also had tile floors. But cavapoochons do not shed easily, so it is good to know that if you are wanting to keep things tidy and clean, then you can do so without having to worry about picking up dog hair in every corner of your apartment.


All in all, no matter what type of dog breed you choose to become your companion, you can reassure that cavapoochons make excellent dogs for being in apartments. Whether you get out of your house a lot, have company over multiple times a week or are a home-body who loves to be alone, they can easily be in almost every part of your life. Your pup will not just be something you come home to and they are just there, but will be a part of your family who everyone will grow to love and cherish for years to come!

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