Will Corgis Kill Pet Chickens?

Usually, people who live in the countryside or on farms have to travel to the city from time to time. […]

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Usually, people who live in the countryside or on farms have to travel to the city from time to time. On those occasions, it is essential to have a dog that can keep an eye on the surroundings in the absence of the owners. But chances are that your dog is a corgi. In that case, we know that corgis are excellent watchdogs, but if you have chickens at home, could corgis kill them?Most corgis will not kill chickens, primarily if they are used to living with them. They do not kill chickens because they are herding dogs and have the instinct to protect livestock such as chickens, goats, sheep, and pigs.Corgis are famous, among other things, for being very active, energetic, and intelligent dogs. They are dogs that will live very happily on working ranches or farms. They have a long history of helping shepherds and farmers for a long time. Today, many corgis lead a domesticated life, but that does not eliminate their instinct as herding dogs. If you are interested in knowing more about corgis and their relationship with chickens, please read on.

Getting To Know The Corgi As A Herding Dog

Many shepherds and farmers have used Welsh corgis as herding dogs for many years. The corgis were called “heelers,” which means they would nip at the heels of larger animals to keep them moving.You might imagine that the short stature of the corgis is a problem in performing their tasks on the farm, but the reality is quite the opposite. The corgis’ short height gives them the great advantage that they can easily avoid the kicks of livestock when something bothers them.

Can Corgis Kill Chickens?

Corgis are dogs found on many farms and ranches across the country. This fact includes farms that have chicken coops in their backyard. This reality causes many owners to be concerned about how aggressive the corgi breed is with chickens.

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You have to note that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not a breed that possesses an instinct to kill chickens. If the corgi has grown up with hens around it, it will become its protector in every way. If the owner is cautious, corgis and chickens can be best friends. The reality is that it is pretty common to find chicken farms with corgis as guardians. However, this fact does not replace the imperative need to take precautions to keep the chickens safe.It is essential to understand that corgis are herding dogs. Its innate instinct will lead them to protect and herd livestock, not kill them. In contrast, hunting dogs naturally desire to hunt and kill farm animals such as chickens, but this is not the case with corgis. It is necessary to emphasize that corgis are a herding breed and not a hunting breed.

Is It Possible For Corgi And Chickens To Live Together?

Although corgis are small dogs, don’t let their size fool you. The roots of corgis are ancient and date back to the time of the Vikings. The Vikings used corgis as herding dogs, especially for moving livestock to markets.For many years corgis continued to be herding dogs until the beginning of the 20th century when they evolved as domestic companion dogs. Today, it is less common to find this breed as the main herding dog of farm owners. However, some farmers still use them for these purposes.

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Today, many people prefer to use the Corgi Cattle Dog as their primary herding dog. The Corgi Cattle Dog originates from the mixture of the Cardigan and Pembroke breeds. In many people’s opinion, it is a unique breed that is better than the average corgi as a herding dog.This variety of corgi has a stronger herding instinct, making it the ideal choice for keeping chickens and livestock in their place. Cows, horses, and sheep are difficult for dogs as small as corgis to handle, so they are better off herding chickens instead.Chickens generally measure just under 27.6 inches and weigh approximately 6 pounds. Its weight more than makes up for the corgi’s lack of height. A corgi weighs about 27 pounds, which means they are five times heavier than chickens.This size difference gives corgis a distinct physical advantage over chickens. It will depend on the training you provide the corgi how it will use that advantage. Corgis can be perfectly compatible with hens as long as you teach them the correct way to behave.

Recommendations For The Safety Of Corgis And Chickens

When it comes to corgis and hens, we should spare no effort for safety measures. Some of these recommendations are:

  • The first time you introduce the corgi and chickens, do it at a safe distance. If you have a fence in between, it is even better.
  • Adopt the corgi from when it is a puppy to grow up around chickens and get used to them quickly.
  • Watch the corgi’s behavior around the chickens, especially if the dog is new to the farm.
  • Keep the chickens in their coop at night to avoid unexpected incidents.
  • Supervise all interactions between the corgi and the chickens until you feel comfortable and can leave them alone.
  • When the corgi is in a lousy mood and exhibits terrible behavior, reprimand it on the spot to stop any possible attack.
  • It would help if you separated the corgis from the chickens when it was time to serve food. If the hens approach the corgis when they are eating, be in no doubt that the dog will attack them.
  • If he has a gentle and affectionate corgi with you, do not assume that he will have the same behavior with the hens. When the corgi first arrives on the farm, you never know at what point it may have a bad reaction. For this reason, it is always good for you to monitor their interaction until the relationship between the corgi and the hens is amicable.
  • Most of the time, the hens will mind their own business, pecking the ground and running around looking for anything. In the hens’ busy world, they may accidentally bump into the corgi, reflecting poorly on them if they are not in a good mood. For this reason, it is essential to train the corgi not to overreact when such situations occur.
  • Corgis should have their own dog house where they rest and sleep. In the same vein, chicken coops should have their coop separate from the yard area they share with the corgis.

How Can I Protect The Chickens When There Are Aggressive Corgis In The Pack?

Unfortunately, it may happen that within the corgi pack, we have one or more dogs that show signs of aggression towards the chickens. It will help if you follow the subsequent recommendations.

Secure The Hen House With Fences

The best way to secure the coop when we think that one corgi could be a threat is to put fences around it. The fences should be secure so that dogs cannot enter.

Install A Video Camera

Another useful measure is to purchase an outdoor video camera that will allow you to keep an eye on the chickens, especially at night. If you want to reinforce the monitoring of the hens further, you can also install a motion detection camera.

Check The Poultry House Floor

Check the floor for signs of digging outside the coop. If a dog wants to enter, it will leave signs.

Watch For Signs Of Corgi Aggression

Watch for any unusual behavior in your dog that shows signs of aggression towards the chickens. This, in time, can prevent a lot of headaches.

Separate Aggressive Dogs From The Pack And Chickens

When you identify the aggressive dog, you should immediately separate it from the pack and chickens. The goal is to work directly with the dog to rehabilitate it so it can rejoin the pack.

A Final Thought On The Corgi And Chickens

They will typically get along well with hens, mainly if they have grown up with them around. Habituation will help to reduce the curiosity that corgis may have towards them.The herding instinct of corgis will make them more inclined to herd and protect the chickens rather than kill them. However, it is always important to monitor this interaction to avoid unnecessary problems.

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