What is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for an Aussiepoo?

Australian Shepherds and Poodles make up the Aussiepoo, a crossbreed dog. In today’s world of Canine Hybrids, the Aussiepoo is […]

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Australian Shepherds and Poodles make up the Aussiepoo, a crossbreed dog. In today’s world of Canine Hybrids, the Aussiepoo is one of the most popular breeds. They have floppy ears and thick fur and are generally multicolored. Who wouldn’t want to possess a hypoallergenic, teddy bear-like dog that combines the best traits of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle?Ownership of an Aussiepoo requires more than just love and affection, as many new Aussiepoodle owners discover quickly. The dog needs food, toys, medicine, medical visits, grooming, and other services. To put it another way, you need to have money saved up before you can adopt or buy an Aussiepoo. Inadequate planning ahead of time can lead to financial difficulties down the road for many dog owners. So the real question is: how much does it cost to own an Aussiepoo? The expense of caring for an Aussiepoo ranges from $1325 to $9000 each year. This does not account for unanticipated circumstances such as accidents, illness, or injury. Caring for a healthy Aussiepoo with a 12-year lifetime can cost anywhere from $18,000 and $114,000 each year.Type of ExpenseYearly EstimateVeterinarian Fee, Vaccines, and Medicine$650 to $1000Grooming$30 to 500Food$250 to $1000Beds, Toys, Lease and Other Accessories$195 to $500Preventive Medicine and Supplement$100 to 500Dog Walking$0 to $5000Day Care or Boarding$100 to $500TOTAL$1325 to $9000These numbers can be intimidating if you’ve never owned a dog before. However, as you can see, there is a significant difference between the minimum and maximum estimates. Due to various factors, the cost of each need can vary widely. Below is a full explanation and breakdown of how an Aussiepoo’s Total Cost of Ownership is calculated, as well as ideas for saving money and the initial cost of purchasing an Aussiepoo.

Annual Costs For Owning An Aussiedoodle

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  • Veterinarian Fee, Vaccines, and Medicine:

The normal yearly expenditure for a healthy Aussiedoodle’s vet checkup and medicines ranges from $650 to $1000. However, the overall vet cost for the first year can reach $2000 or more due to initial testing, examinations, and immunizations.Here are some of the most common tests performed on Aussiepoos during their first year of life.

  • Routine checkups: $50 to $250
  • Spay/neuter: $160 to $220
  • Vaccines per shot: $15 to $28
  • Physical exams: $45 to $55
  • Fecal exam: $25 to $45
  • Heartworm test: $45 to $50
  • Dental cleaning: $70 to $400
  • Allergy testing: $195 to $300
  • Geriatric screening: $85 to $110

You’ll also have to pay unforeseen veterinary fees if your pet becomes ill or injured. Depending on the severity of your pet’s condition, medical procedure, and duration of stay, this can range from $500 to $7,000. Hyp dysplasia and cataract are two prevalent health problems in Aussiedoodles. Total costs for diagnosing and treating hip dysplasia range from $1,500 to $6,000. This is the same cost as diagnosing and treating cataracts.Tip: Obtaining pet insurance policies can significantly reduce the cost of veterinarian fees.

  • Grooming

Dogs with wavy or tighter curled coats like the Aussiepoodle need to be groomed at least four times a year. This can cost up to $500 each year on average.However, if you have the time and patience to learn and groom your Aussiepoo by yourself, a standard grooming kit costs around $30.

  • Food

Because Aussiedoodles are small to medium-sized dogs, they are unlikely to be as voracious as large breeds. For an Aussiedoodle, the yearly food allowance can range anywhere from $250 to $1000, depending on your preferences.The majority of Aussiepoos are in good health. Typical store-bought dog food, which costs between $25 to $60, is nutritious enough to meet your Aussiepoo’s nutritional needs. It can cost up to $100 a month to feed your Aussiepoo a custom-made, fresh-made special order meal.

  • Beds, Toys, Lease and Other Accessories:

For an Aussiepoo, dog toys are essential part of his or her daily routine. Aussiepoos are a smart breed that need mental stimulation and exercise on a daily basis. Set aside $25 to $150 every year for toy purchases.After a long day of exercise and pleasure, your Aussiepoo deserves its own cozy bed. You should anticipate to spend $50-$200 every year on bedding, depending on the quality of the bed. However, if you invest in long-lasting, high-quality beds, your annual bedding costs may decrease after the first year.Collars and leashes range in price from $20 to $50. Leashes and collars might be a yearly expense or a one-time expense depending on how well you take care of your Aussiepoo’s accessories.Aussiepoos are also known as designer dogs. You may wish to dress them up now and again, especially during the colder months. The amount of money you spend on Aussiepoo’s apparel is determined by your resourcefulness and creativity. At the very least, you should set aside $100 a year for fashionable dog clothing if you want to do some shopping. Creating and sewing your dog’s apparel will save you a significant amount of money.

  • Preventive Medicine and Supplement

In order to keep Aussiedoodles free of parasites, they require preventive medicine. Depending on your climate and your dog’s requirements, your veterinarian will direct you toward the appropriate products. Vitamins are rarely required for Aussiepoo because its a fairly healthy breed. Total preventive medicine and supplement might cost anywhere from $100 to $500 annually, depending on your dog’s size and special requirements.

  • Dog Walking

Aussiepoos are energetic dogs who require regular walks and exercise. If you have a busy work schedule or a laid-back lifestyle, owning an Aussiedoodle can be costly because you will need to employ a dogwalker. The average cost of a dog walk is $20/walk. If you employ a dog walker 5 times a week for a year, you may expect to pay roughly $5,000.

  • Daycare or boarding

This might cost anything from $100 to $500 depending on how often you leave your dog. However, if you have a toy or tiny Aussiedoodle, you can save a lot of money if you travel with it.

How much does it cost to buy an AussiePoo Puppy?

There are 3 types of Aussiepoo and the price to obtain an Aussiepoo from a reputable seller differs based on the size of the Aussiepoo you wish to have. Standard Aussiepoodle is around $1500 to $3000. Miniature Aussiepoo puppies are usually over $2500. Toy Aussiepoo, the most expensive Aussiepoo is around $5000.

Reminder: Walk away if the price seems too good to be true. Often, the prices of dogs coming from puppy mills tend to be cheaper because the puppies aren’t bred properly.Note: Additional travel expenses can be expected if you are purchasing the Aussiepoo puppy from a Breeder in a different area far from your location.

What Impacts the Cost of an AussiePoodle?

Color: Because blue Merle tricolored Aussiedoodles are the most popular, puppies with that coloring may be more expensive. Puppies with the rarest merle coat colors, such as solid red or solid blue, will cost substantially more than those with more common coats.Generation: First-generation Aussiepoodle is more expensive. First generations are Ausiepoo puppies that have a poodle parent and an Australian Shepherds parent. Trend & Popularity: As the latest canine trend emerges, more and more hybrids are introduced to our society, and dog owners or potential dog owners would love to be a part of the excitement. Pricing may be affected in two ways as a result of this. Despite having a popular parent breed, the price may be lower if there isn’t much information on the puppy’s personality, temperament, and characteristics. However, as more research and information on the new crossbreed is gathered, the price will undoubtedly rise as the new breed is proven to be a magnificent dog.The fact that Aussiepoo is cute, gentle, affectionate and hypoallergenic and most importantly a new breed, the demand for it is high making the price higher compared to other hybrid or even pure breed canines. Age of Puppy: The older the Aussiepoo is the less it costs. Dog owners want to be able to train and raise their dogs by themselves. This form attachment in both the owner and the puppy. Most buyers are not keen on the idea of having an Instant AussiePoo that is already trained and raised by other people. Breeder Reputation: Having a reputable breeder guarantees that the parent dogs are healthy and that the Aussiedoodle puppy is bred properly and ethically. Thus, this makes the price higher compared to new breeders who dont have much reputation yet. Registration: If the Aussiedoodle is registered the price for the Aussiedoodle will be much higher. Note: Aussiedoodles cant be registered to American Kennel Club because they are mixed breed. Health: Once the puppy is screened by experts and veterinarians for certain diseases and proven healthy, its price increases. Additionally, an up-to-date vaccination card also adds value to the Aussiedoodle puppy. Breeding rights: If you purchase a puppy with full breeding rights, which means you have the ability to breed the dog, the price will be more than if you purchase a dog with a limited registration.

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