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Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

If you are new to the pet world, one of the first things you are going to consider is whether or not the pet you are looking to bring home is one that will be a good addition to your family. When it comes to a less common pet like a ferret, are they good … Read more

Why Should Families Have Pets - WP

Why Should Families Have Pets? (15 Reasons)

When your family is starting to grow, you still may feel that you are missing something important in your life. A few years ago, seeing your oldest child walking for the first time or watching your second-born learn how to speak has brought you a great sense of joy. These are just one of the … Read more

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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

I got my first Guinea Pig when I was 12. When I first brought it home I was unsure what to feed him other than pellets. It didn’t take too long for me to learn his food preferences. Guinea Pigs love to eat and I learned that giving them access to a variety of foods … Read more

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Are Yorkies Easy To Train?

When looking for a small cute, and fluffy dog to have as your pet, you might come across some very interesting and beautiful canines, and you may want them all! However, Yorkies have caught your eye because of how loving and loyal they are to their owners. Not to mention, this breed is tiny, so … Read more