Are Ferrets Legal to Own in California - WP

Are Ferrets Legal to Own in California?

Ferrets are wonderful and energetic creatures to have around. You may have just come from a state where they are legal but have recently moved to California and are now wondering if they are illegal, and what is the reasoning? Well, let us find out the answer down below.  Ferrets are indeed illegal to own … Read more

Do Ferrets Stink - WP

Do Ferrets Stink?

With any household pet, there are going to be moments where a bath is certainly needed. However, there are some animals that, in general, have a rather unpleasant smell. When it comes to how ferrets smell, do they stink?  Depending on how you interpret the smell, ferrets may be considered to stink by some, but … Read more

Do ferrets make good pets - WP

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

If you are new to the pet world, one of the first things you are going to consider is whether or not the pet you are looking to bring home is one that will be a good addition to your family. When it comes to a less common pet like a ferret, are they good … Read more

Do Ferrets Shed - WP

Do Ferrets Shed?

For any new pet owner, one of the first things that they must consider when bringing a mammal into their home is their potential to shed. Shedding may not be problematic for some, but for others, it is better to be avoided. When it comes to ferrets, do they shed?  Ferrets lightly shed year-round, but … Read more

Are Ferrets Considered Rodents - WP

Are Ferrets Considered Rodents?

At some point in your life, odds are you have either wanted a small rodent or wish to eventually have one, especially if your parents did not allow you this luxury when you were a kid. One of the many small animals you may be considering is a ferret because of how cute and fluffy … Read more