Can Rabbits Eat Zucchini - WP

Can Rabbits Eat Zucchini?

If you are the owner of  a rabbit, you know just how wonderful this rather uncommon house pet can be. When it comes to feeding your rabbit though, what you can and cannot feed them can be rather dizzying. If you have zucchini on hand, can your rabbit eat it?  Rabbits can eat zucchini, but … Read more

Can Rabbits Drink Almond Milk - WP

Can Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

Are you considering a rabbit for a pet, or do you already have one? Do you drink almond milk because it is good for you? Do you wonder if it is good for your pet rabbit? Almond milk is a drink made from ground almonds often used in place of regular dairy milk. It does … Read more

Can guinea pigs eat cherry tomatoes - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are a delicious fruit that goes well on any salad, in any pasta, and make the best of fresh salsas. You know that humans can easily consume this vegetable, but when it comes to your guinea pig, can they safely eat cherry tomatoes?  Guinea pigs can eat cherry tomatoes, as they are rich … Read more

Can Guinea pigs eat cherries - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries?

The great thing about a guinea pig’s diet is that it is quite diverse. This means that owners are not limited to one food group or pellet, but can experiment with food to give their pets what they need and prefer. When it comes to cherries, can guinea pigs eat them?  Yes, guinea pigs can … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Snow Peas - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Snow Peas?

Guinea pigs are very adventurous eaters which makes mealtime and snack time fun for both them and their owners. Navigating what you can and cannot feed your guinea pig can be rather daunting though, and when it comes to items like snow peas, can guinea pigs eat them?  Guinea pigs can eat snow peas in … Read more

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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

I got my first Guinea Pig when I was 12. When I first brought it home I was unsure what to feed him other than pellets. It didn’t take too long for me to learn his food preferences. Guinea Pigs love to eat and I learned that giving them access to a variety of foods … Read more