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Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate?

You may be wondering why your bearded dragon sleeps for a day or more during the winter. At some point, it worries you because he eats less. Then you realize, maybe bearded dragons hibernate. Do bearded dragons hibernate? Bearded dragons do not hibernate. However, they undergo a similar state known as brumation. Brumation refers to cold-blooded … Read more

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Does A Bearded Dragon Make a Good Family Pet?

You may be thinking about getting a family pet and wondered if a bearded dragon would make a good one. You scrolled through the list and wanted something less conventional than a golden retriever—which led you to think of a bearded dragon.  Does a bearded dragon make a good family pet? A bearded dragon makes a … Read more

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What Is a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons—you have many people passionate about this lizard and for good reasons. Their gentle and inquisitive nature have made them popular.  What is a bearded dragon? A bearded dragon is an agamid lizard that originates from Australia. As the name suggests, a bearded dragon possesses scales and armor like a dragon. It puffs up a … Read more