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Contrary to popular belief, not only cats, dogs and rabbits can be kept as pets. With a license and depending […]

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Contrary to popular belief, not only cats, dogs and rabbits can be kept as pets. With a license and depending on the state you reside in, you might be surprised at the various types of exotic pets available for adoption. This article will guide you through the best available small exotic pets you can add to your family.

Bennet WallabiesWallabies are a smaller version of kangaroos. They have the same posture, small front, and strong hind legs. There are about 11 species of wallabies, with the bennet, lamas, and red-necked wallabies having increased in popularity as pets.Wallabies cannot be housetrained, are not domesticated and are often nocturnal. They are also quite expensive to maintain and require enough space, such as a huge backyard, tall fences, and a suitable enclosure. In the right household, wallabies can be a great addition, as they are quite social, cute and love their owners.They are herbivorous species, with a lifespan of up to 9 years. They generally enjoy cuddling and comfortable living spaces.

ServalServals are highly intelligent felines with large ears, long legs, and beautiful markings all over their coat. Although originally wild, their attractive features have increased their popularity as household pets.Originating from Africa, the male can weigh up to 40 pounds, and over two feet tall. They differ from normal household cats in that they prefer to hunt for their food over traditional cat food. They prefer eating rodents, birds, reptiles, and other small animals as part of their diet.Servals are relatively high maintenance pets and should be kept by owners who can provide for their needs. They should have enough room to hunt their food, while at the same time catering for their increased exercising capabilities.

SkunksSkunks may not be one of the more obvious pets you would expect on this list, but they are quite a great companion as a pet, after taking care of the smell that is. Originating from the United States, Northern Canada, and Mexico, skunks are infamous for the foul odor they emit when scared or mad. However, those bred for households almost always have the smell glands removed.They come in colors ranging from the typical white and black to brown white and even ginger skunks. They are curious creatures, which are playful and loving. Although they are high maintenance in terms of keeping them lively and entertained, their diet is simple as they enjoy fruits, vegetables, and some yogurt.Skunks are lovable and friendly and in the right environment, and they can be a great addition to the family. They require an average level of care, same as you would other common household pets, such as constant visits to the veterinarian examinations and even neutering when it comes time.

Bearded DragonsThe bearded dragons are exotic lizards common to Australia. They have become increasingly popular as household pets, and because Australia does not allow export of their animals, they are most commonly bred in captivity.The average lifespan of the bearded dragon is 6-10 years, and its popularity has increased so much that it is offered in pet stores and pet shows. Bearded dragons are housed in large tanks, and will grow up to 24 inches long. Their size is not dependent on the tank as sharks do, and their size will quickly outgrow a small tank.They require particular kinds of lights within their tanks, which come in handy in offering heat to the cold-blooded reptile, and a sort of special RV rays essential for their health. They feed on both vegetables and small insects.

Fennec FoxIf you are looking for cute and adorable pets, then the fennec fox is the pet for you. The fennec fox is one of the smallest breed of foxes around and reaches a maximum of just under four pounds. It has a small whiskered face common with a cat with large pointed ears. They are originally from the Sahara and North Africa.The fennec fox is a nocturnal and incredibly active creature. They are also incredibly intelligent creatures with the Toni and white-colored fennecs having the ability to be trained to walk with a leash and respond to a name. They can also fetch toys and generally respond as a dog would.The fennec foxes are extremely energetic creatures and troublemakers who need a lot of supervision or containment when not being watched. They also require frequent interaction and playtime, which is essential for their development and overall happiness.

The CapybaraThe capybara is the largest rodent in the world, originating from central, and South America. The capybara comes as a giant semi-aquatic beaver type animal with webbed toes. They require constant access to water due to their dry skin. They feed on an herbivorous diet consisting of a few very specific plants.The fuzzy animal can live up to nine years reaching 2 feet tall and 170 pounds when fully mature. They require ample space, a pool and shaded areas due to their maintenance needs. They use a series of purrs and squeals to communicate.The capybaras are also brilliant creatures, quite shy during the introduction phase, but easily and quickly adjust and accommodate their new surroundings opening up to their new owners.

Squirrel MonkeyOriginally from central and south America, the squirrel monkeys have become quite popular as household pets. Their average size is about 25 to 30 centimeters in length, with a tail of about 35 to 42 centimeters in length. It comes with a short yellow-orange coat, with a black moth and white ears and throat.The squirrel monkey is a free-spirited animal with a need for exercise with things it can climb and dangle from. This high maintenance pet requires a lot of space to enjoy a happy life. The monkey is more of a community species and it is advisable to keep more than one.The squirrel monkey can also be quite naughty, with the ability to bully and favor individual members of the family. They have been known to bully the youngest of the family with the capability of biting when provoked. It is therefore essential for anyone planning to keep a squirrel monkey to have some prior experience with monkeys and intelligent animals.These pets feed on fruits and small animals such as tree frogs, insects, small birds, and spiders. Monkeys are best suited in the wild, and before choosing to keep, one should do thorough research. keeping a monkey is a lifetime thing and giving it up results in a traumatized animal unable to socialize with other monkeys.

Spotted GenetIf you want an exotic pet, then the spotted genet is the crème de la crème. A genuinely unique pet, it belongs to the Viverridae with cuvets, binturongs, and is distantly related to the more popular mongoose.Spotted genets are a beautiful mix of kitten and ferret, with a lemur’s tail and spots of a cheetah. They come at 2-6 pounds with a 16-22-inch tail and a lifespan of up to 20 years. Spotted genets generally are nocturnal animals, and are more comfortable among their own or with dogs and cats.The spotted genet eats anything it can reach including small rodents, reptiles, amphibians, insects and more as it is an opportunistic feeder. In the household, it will be comfortable with a ferret and cat food. The spotted genet can also eat fruit and chicken as an additive diet.Spotted genets’ growth in popularity as pets is owed to their unique behavior, and with the right owners are a gem to live with.They require large enclosures with structures they can climb. The pet also requires daily time outside for playtime. They need space to jump and are known to climb on their owners’ shoulders at random.

BushbabyThere are several Bushbaby species; however, the more popular household type of Bushbaby is the lesser Bushbaby. The lesser bushbaby originates from Senegal, and its primary diet is insects, which it prefers to search for by itself.Bushbabies are social animals and would be best placed in an area they have access to the rest of its kind.They have 8-18 inch bodies, with large eyes, grey to a brown type of short coats, and a yellow stripe between the eyes. They also have huge ears, with the ability to leap up to 10 feet high with their huge hind legs.They require large types of cages with toys, branches, and ropes. They also need a daily time out of the cage to enjoy themselves fully. Bushbabies can be very affectionate to the owners. They are generally clean animals; however, the male bush baby may urinate on its hands to mark territory.They will require time with the owner, and before deciding to purchase, a lot of research would be paramount, as they require a lifetime commitment, and are already endangered.Also, get a license and do not support buying animals illegally caught in the wild.

KinkajouKinkajous are a golden brown type of rainforest mammals, which have become popular as household pets. They are quite intelligent and curious and can live up to 20 years. It shows kinkajous require a lifetime of attention, and therefore their purchase should be well thought out.Kinkajous are best suited for warmer climates and spend most of their time up tree branches. They have powerful tails that can hold their body weight, and limbs with sharp claws that enable them to hang and grab.They are omnivorous animals and therefore have a wide variety of dietary freedom. From insects to honey and dog food, kinkajous will eat nearly anything healthy. They require time alone and access to other kinkajous to add to their social nature. They are also extremely vocal and use a mix of high-pitched screeches, hisses, and barks to communicate.There is still a wide variety of exotic animals that can be adopted as pets; however, any kind of adoption should follow the right procedure according to the state laws. Otherwise, get yourself something exotic, and enjoy yourself.

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