How long does a ferret live - WP

How Long Does a Ferret Live?

When any owner brings home a new pet, there is oftentimes the expectation that their animal will be a part of their family for a long time to come. However, the lifespan of every animal differs, making this belief a bit misleading. When it comes to ferrets, how long do they live?  According to the … Read more

Do Ferrets Shed - WP

Do Ferrets Shed?

For any new pet owner, one of the first things that they must consider when bringing a mammal into their home is their potential to shed. Shedding may not be problematic for some, but for others, it is better to be avoided. When it comes to ferrets, do they shed?  Ferrets lightly shed year-round, but … Read more

Can guinea pigs eat cherry tomatoes - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are a delicious fruit that goes well on any salad, in any pasta, and make the best of fresh salsas. You know that humans can easily consume this vegetable, but when it comes to your guinea pig, can they safely eat cherry tomatoes?  Guinea pigs can eat cherry tomatoes, as they are rich … Read more

What are the different types of guinea pigs - WP

What are the Different Types of Guinea Pigs?

Just as with any other animal, there are going to be at least a few different species that exist that vary to some degree in their appearance, conduct, and overall demeanor. When it comes to guinea pigs, what are the different types out there?  The different types of guinea pigs include the Texel, Silkie, Sheba, … Read more

Can Guinea pigs eat cherries - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries?

The great thing about a guinea pig’s diet is that it is quite diverse. This means that owners are not limited to one food group or pellet, but can experiment with food to give their pets what they need and prefer. When it comes to cherries, can guinea pigs eat them?  Yes, guinea pigs can … Read more

Can Ferret Eat Bananas - WP

Can Ferrets Eat Bananas?

Ferrets are curious creatures whose curiosity does not stop when it comes to food. Because of this, it may be tempting to feed your ferret a variety of different treats, but what is really appropriate for their digestive system? When it comes to bananas, can ferrets eat them?  Although some may say that bananas are … Read more

Types of Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of - WP

Types of Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of

When it comes to compact spaces, it can be difficult to find a pet that will work within that area without causing too much trouble for the owner, but the animals as well. If you have a small space or simply would like a smaller pet, what small pets exist that are easy to care … Read more

Types of little white dog breeds - WP

Types of Little White Dog Breeds

Not every potential dog owner is looking for a pet that is going to take up a good amount of space on their couch. If you are looking for a little dog breed, but even more specifically, a little dog breed that is white, which breeds fall under those specifications?  The various types of little … Read more

Are Ferrets Considered Rodents - WP

Are Ferrets Considered Rodents?

At some point in your life, odds are you have either wanted a small rodent or wish to eventually have one, especially if your parents did not allow you this luxury when you were a kid. One of the many small animals you may be considering is a ferret because of how cute and fluffy … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Snow Peas - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Snow Peas?

Guinea pigs are very adventurous eaters which makes mealtime and snack time fun for both them and their owners. Navigating what you can and cannot feed your guinea pig can be rather daunting though, and when it comes to items like snow peas, can guinea pigs eat them?  Guinea pigs can eat snow peas in … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Have Romaine Lettuce - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Have Romaine Lettuce?

Guinea pigs are very diverse eaters as they can have a wide variety of commercial guinea pig foods, fruits, and vegetables. Although this may be true, it does not mean they can have anything and everything. When it comes to romaine lettuce, can they eat such a vegetable?  Guinea pigs can have romaine lettuce, as … Read more

What is the Cost to Own a Guinea Pig - WP

What is the Cost to Own a Guinea Pig?

As with the purchase and ownership of any pet, when bringing a guinea pig home, you not only have to consider the initial cost of the pet but how much it will cost as supplies and care over time are concerned. Considering this, what is the cost to own a guinea pig?  The total cost … Read more

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Play With - WP

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Play With?

Guinea pigs are curious little creatures that are able to live among their owners without making too much of a ruckus. However well-mannered these animals may be, they also have a playful nature about them. When it comes to guinea pigs, what do they like to play with?  Guinea pigs like to play with toys … Read more

How Many Babies Can a Guinea Pig Have - WP

How Many Babies Can a Guinea Pig Have?

Guinea pigs are a fun, easy-to-care-for pet for apartments, classrooms, and houses alike. If you find yourself in a position where one of your guinea pigs is expecting some babies of her own, you may be wondering just how many a guinea pig can have?  A guinea pig can have a litter of pups anywhere … Read more

How To Train Your Guinea Pig - WP

How to Train Your Guinea Pig

Generally, guinea pigs are wonderful pets to have to their well-mannered, curious, and content behavior. However, training is needed to prepare them for handling, but can also be used as a way to teach them commands. Therefore, how exactly do you train a guinea pig?  To train your guinea pig, be sure you have a … Read more