Is a Cavapoochon Hypoallergenic?

It is not uncommon for pet lovers to have some form of allergy. However, there is a way to own […]

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It is not uncommon for pet lovers to have some form of allergy. However, there is a way to own your favorite pet without suffering from sneezing fits all of the time, and owning a hypoallergenic pet fills that role perfectly. There are hypoallergenic cats, dogs, and even rabbits. With that said, you might be considering adopting a dog, but you or someone in your family is allergic, so you are looking for a hypoallergenic breed. From the Labradoodle to the Yorkshire Terrier, there are hypoallergenic breeds of all shapes and sizes. You might have your eyes on the popular Cavapoochon that many people will claim is hypoallergenic, but is that truly the case?Cavapoochons can be hypoallergenic. However, that mainly depends on their luck. A Cavapoochon puppy is a mixed breed with Cavachon and Poodle parents. A Cavachon is another mixed breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise parents. While Poodles and Bichon Frise are 100% hypoallergenic, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not.Because the Cavapoochon is a mixed breed between two hypoallergenic breeds and a non-hypoallergenic breed, it will be difficult to tell if a Cavapoochon puppy inherited the hypoallergenic trait. But because two of the parent breeds are hypoallergenic, the odds are in your favor. There have been plenty of cases where breeders have reported that only a few Cavapoochon puppies are not hypoallergenic. While extremely rare, it is possible that the entire litter of Cavapoochons won’t inherit the hypoallergenic trait.With that said, if you are strictly looking for a hypoallergenic breed, then it is safer for you to go with a breed that is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Other small, hypoallergenic dog breeds include the Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier, and the Cairn Terrier, to name a few.As you continue to read this article, it will be discussing everything you need to know about the Cavapoochon breed. We will talk about everything from the Cavapoochons personality and their most common health issues and how to raise one properly.

The History Of The Cavapoochon Breed

The Cavapoochon is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Bichon Frises, and a Toy Poodle. Steven and Linda Rogers, a breeder couple, initially developed this breed in 2001. Since 1996, the Rogers have been breeding Cavachons (a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise). The Cavachon gained popularity fast owing to its attractive look, but its tendency to shed dissuaded some pet owners.Once the Rogers noticed that many of their customers wanted a hypoallergenic Cavachon, they went to work. That’s when the Rogers pair chose to introduce the Toy Poodle’s non-shedding DNA. They also sought the size genes of the Toy Poodle to make the Cavachon smaller. Thus, the Cavapoochon was created after many trials and errors. It was created for households that required a smaller breed with fur that was suitable for allergy sufferers.The Cavapoochon is still an uncommon breed today. Steven and Linda Rogers are among the world’s few Cavapoochon breeders. They’re also well-known for producing Cavapoochons with minor health problems.Today, the Cavapoochon is incredibly difficult to come by and is only produced by a handful of breeders. In addition, a Cavapoochon can cost anywhere from $2000-$3000 in the United States, not including international shipping costs. So, if you want to have a Cavapoochon, you’ll probably need to do some budgeting.

Cavapoochon Appearance


Because of their teddy-bear-like look, Cavapoochons are regarded as “the dog that never gets old.” They resemble charming stuffed animals that are alive and well! The Cavapoochon has large, expressive eyes that can persuade you to say yes to everything.Cavapoochons, surprise, do not resemble either of their parent breeds and instead appear to be a separate breed. Some say they resemble a Poodle or a Bichon Frise, but the Cavapoochon’s appearance is unique.


The Cavapoochon is a little dog with a lot of personalities. When fully grown, they weigh 12-15 pounds and have a length of 9-14 inches. Some Cavapoochons, however, deviate from the norm and can reach 18-20 pounds in weight. Male Cavapoochons are more likely to be affected by this size increase.Cavapoochons were developed to be smaller, making them ideal for families that enjoy traveling. In a shoulder bag or a medium-sized carrier, a Cavapoochon will fit properly. When living in compact quarters such as flats or lofts, they thrive.


The Cavapoochon’s beautiful coat is what makes it so popular. The Cavapoochon’s coat is thick and fleece-like, as previously stated. It’s as soft as wool, and it is unlikely for them to shed. Their coats feature curly curls that give them a fluffy appearance. Because it is hypoallergenic and safe for pet owners who are allergic to dogs, the Cavapoochon coat is similar to that of a Poodle.Furthermore, Cavapoochons can come in various colors, including sable, red, cream, black, white, tan, brown, and Blenheim. Cavapoochons can also have a combination of the colors mentioned above.

Cavapoochon Personality

It would help if you first learned about the key characteristics of each of the Cavapoochon’s parent breeds to comprehend the Cavapoochon’s personality fully. For example, the Cavapoochon combines the most exemplary traits of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise, and Toy Poodle breeds.Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are ideal lapdogs. They’re friendly, kind, and cuddly puppies. They spend most of their time napping in order to receive all of the beauty sleep they require.Bichon Frises are also known for their lively nature. They enjoy running around and playing with toys. As long as they get to play with you, a Bichon Frise will be completely content with around 30 to an hour minutes of playing every day.Finally, the Toy Poodle has an extremely high IQ. Their intellect is undeniable, and they are the world’s second most intelligent canine breed, trailing only the Border Collie. Furthermore, Toy Poodles are extremely active and love to play.You may have a better idea of what a Cavapoochon’s personality is like now that you know the personalities of each of the Cavapoochon’s parent breeds. The Cavapoochon combines the best characteristics of its three parent breeds. The Cavapoochon is a clever, lively, and loving lapdog. A Cavapoochon that has been successfully bred will acquire the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s enjoyment of sleeping, the Bichon Frise’s need for playfulness, and the Toy Poodle’s intellect.

How To Properly Care For a Cavapoochon

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This section covers all you need to know about keeping your Cavapoochon healthy. Despite being bred from breeds that demand a lot of attention, the Cavapoochon is a low-maintenance puppy. Continue reading to learn how to care for your puppy’s hair, food, dental health, and overall fitness.

Grooming Your Cavapoochon

Grooming is straightforward because the Cavapoochon was created to be a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog. To maintain their coats healthy and free of knots and matting, Cavapoochons just need to be brushed once a week. So although you may anticipate your Cavapoochon to shed a little bit, it will not be noticeable.The Cavapoochon’s coat has the disadvantage of being prone to gathering dirt and dander. In addition, their curly curls can get filthy quickly. Thus bathing is necessary on a frequent basis. To keep your Cavapoochon clean, just wash them once a week.It’s best to use organic shampoo to protect your Cavapoochon from acquiring allergies. In addition, organic shampoos are made with natural and pet-friendly components that are less likely to irritate your dog’s skin.

Feeding Your Cavapoochon

Cavapoochons, like all dogs, require a well-balanced diet. A Cavapoochon may get by on two to three small meals of high-quality dry food while they’re puppies. They will require three to four little meals of high-quality dry food when they reach maturity.

Keeping Your Cavapoochons Teeth Healthy

Brush your Cavapoochon’s teeth regularly to maintain them healthy. Brushing your puppy’s teeth every three days is best, but brushing them once a week should be enough. You might use the RADIUS USDA Organic Dental Solutions Adult Kit Toothbrush & Toothpaste as a beginner kit. Because the toothpaste is free of chemicals and preservatives, it is completely safe for your puppy.Brushing your puppy’s teeth might be tough at times. Although not all dogs love having their teeth cleaned, there are a few simple alternatives. Enzymatic toothpaste is one of the simplest choices to use.Your Cavapoochon’s toothpaste is made to taste and feel like a delight. They come in a variety of tastes that your puppy will love. It will not only make your dog happy, but it will also help to maintain its teeth and gums healthy. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste is an excellent enzymatic toothpaste to try. Your dog will look forward to brushing its teeth every time, and you won’t have to worry about puppy breath.

Health Issues To Look Out For In Cavapoochons

© GregThe Cavapoochon, like other hybrids, is susceptible to the same health issues as its parent breeds. However, because the Cavapoochon is a mix of three breeds, it is more prone to health issues than other dogs. Some of the most prevalent health issues that Cavapoochons face are listed below.

Eye Infections

The Cavapoochon, like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is prone to eye infections. With age, your Cavapoochon is more prone to develop dry eye syndrome, leading to infections in the eyes. If your Cavapoochon’s eyes are pink or red, have discharge or swollen eyelids, they may have an eye infection.Keeping your dog’s eyes clean is an effective strategy to cure eye infections. Wipe your Cavapoochon’s eye once a day with a clean cloth wet with warm water to keep it clean. If your Cavapoochon is already displaying indications of an eye infection, you should use a cone or an e-collar until you can take them to the veterinarian. This will keep your dog from scratching their eyes and aggravating the swelling or irritation.

Heart Issues

The Bichon Frise genes generally cause cardiac issues in Cavapoochons. A Cavapoochon’s heart condition is Patent Ductus Arteriosus, which causes blood to flow into their lungs and fluid build-up.When a Cavapoochon enters its senior years, this illness develops, and it cannot be avoided if the gene is present. By having your Cavapoochon’s heart tested on a regular basis, you can ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. If this illness is caught early, your vet can prescribe your dog a medication that will improve their quality of life and prolong their lifespan.

Ear Infections

The Cavapoochon has thick, curly hair, as indicated in the grooming section of this article. This hair can also be seen in the puppy’s ears, making it more susceptible to ear infections. Their Toy Poodle genes pass on this feature as well as a health problem to them.Ear infections are caused by dirt and earwax retained in the dog’s ears for too long. It causes ear irritation, redness, and foul smells. Fortunately, this is a simple health problem to solve. Cleaning your dog’s ears with a cotton pad wet with an ear cleaning solution will protect them from becoming infected.


Due to their Toy Poodle bloodlines, certain Cavapoochon are prone to seizures. It’s conceivable that your Cavapoochon will acquire epilepsy, a disorder that causes seizures in your dog.If you notice that your Cavapoochon is having seizures, you should take them to the veterinarian at once. Veterinarians can prescribe medication to keep your puppy’s seizures under control and reduce their frequency.It is vital that you make sure that your dog does not hurt themselves when they are having a seizure. Quickly move any dangerous objects away from your dog and place your hands under their head.

Final Thoughts

Cavapoochons are a rare breed of dog that has grown in popularity since their inception. They are absolutely adorable and look as if they never grow old. Cavapoochons are also considered to be hypoallergenic. However, this is not always the case because Cavapoochons are bred from two breeds that are hypoallergenic and one that is not. While the odds are in your favor for a hypoallergenic Cavapoochon, remember that not all of them are hypoallergenic.

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