How Much Should I Feed My Cavapoochon?

Being an owner of both a small and large dog myself, I have noticed that my fur babies eat completely […]

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Being an owner of both a small and large dog myself, I have noticed that my fur babies eat completely different than one another. I wanted to know why this was and did a little research. The reason why smaller dogs eat less is because they have little tummies and it is best for them to digest food in more frequent and smaller doses.That being said, a cavapoochon ideally needs to eat anywhere between 2-3% of their body mass as an adult and roughly double that amount while they are a puppy due to growing more often. If they need to put on weight or have higher nutritional needs, gradually increase each meal amount until they are at the ideal size. This triple-cross breed gets to be anywhere between 12 to 15 pounds.As small dogs have little mouths, it is important that you choose the right food for their diet from being in small bite-sized foods to having a high-quality diet in order to ensure their health is going to be the best that they can. The type of food you choose will depend entirely on your lifestyle and how much time you can prepare their food. Now let’s go over the details on the subject.

What Is The Right Amount Of Food?

Since cavapoochons do not need a lot of food due to size, 1.5-2 cups of food that is spread out all throughout the day depending on their active level would be the best option. It is best that they get multiple meals throughout the day because of their digestive systems and being able to process the food much better. If you wind up feeding your dog only two times a day, they will have a much harder time excreting themselves and may become constipated. My sister has a small dog who is 13 pounds, and this is her feeding schedule for her pup:

  • ½ of a cup in the morning
  • ¼ of a cup of food for a snack
  • ½ of a cup for lunch
  • ¼ of a cup right before bedtime

Can I Feed My Dog 3 Times A Day?

In order for your pooch to have more energy throughout the day, you can feed them three meals. It is getting more widely known that even we as humans must have multiple small meals instead of just 3 large meals. The same is for dogs so that they are not getting really bloated during those feeding times.On a similar note, it is important to not overfeed our dogs, especially as puppies, because if they are overweight at a younger age, they are most likely to become overweight as adults.

What Kind Of Diet Can I Give My Dog?

Because dogs are omnivores, not carnivores, according to the National Academies Press, providing your animal with premium dog food that contains a lot of proteins and vegetables with many nutrients would be the best food to give to them. Some people even go so far as to make their own dog food in order to ensure that they are receiving a well-balanced diet. Make sure you do not buy anything with artificial meats, preservatives, colors or any unknown substances in the food, as this will not help.Not only can they eat just premium dog food, but you can give your canine some apples, salmon, chicken, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, greens, and even sweet potatoes. All of these things have vitamins and minerals for your dog to remain healthy and keep their muscles strong. Of course, if you are going to give them these things, don’t do it every day, but once in a while for a special treat.

Why Does My Dog Always Act Hungry?

As soon as you are making a sandwich, your fur baby immediately follows and stares at you with those puppy eyes that you cannot resist. You might wonder as to why they are always hungry, but this may not be the case. It is hard to determine as to why canines do this, but it might be due to their ancestors who were in the wild. Wolves always had either a feast to munch on or nothing for days without fresh prey.Most dogs also may act this way because they have been trained to do so, even if it is unintentional. It is hard to resist the temptation of us feeding our dogs food while they are under the dining room table when their faces are trying to get into our laps. Because we drop food on the floor for them, it encourages that behavior to happen. Because your pooch is smart, they are most likely training you to feed them instead of the other way around. I mean, it is so hard to resist that cute face!

Why Won’t My Dog Eat?

If your dog is only eating snacks and not munching on their meals that you give to them, then this might be a sign that your dog might not be feeling well. It is referred to as partial anorexia, which means that they have a decreased appetite. Some pet owners may not even notice that they are not eating properly, so it is important for us to pay attention to how and when they are eating.For better understanding, let us go over a few reasons as to why dogs won’t eat.

  • Their dog food was switched
  • A new animal or baby has entered into their homes
  • Family or friends come from out of town staying in their homes
  • Moving to a new house or getting renovations done
  • A loud thunderstorm
  • Their schedules have changed, such as when we start a new job or stay home more frequently
  • Someone moves out of the house, like one of your older children
  • A medical reason

What Can I Add To Dog Food?

Of course, even though dogs may eat many treats and not their own dog food due to specific reasons, there are a few human foods that you can add to their kebble in order to encourage eating better. Not only that, but all of these things are good for your animal.

  • Eggs: These are a great source of vitamin A, B12, fatty acids and iron. Make sure it is cooked and not raw as it can cause a biotin deficiency. Giving them eggs 2-3 times a week is best.
  • Goats milk: This milk has similar properties to breast milk and is easily digestible. Since cavapoochons are small dogs, they only need one ounce per day or every once in a while.
  • Sardines: An excellent source of taurine. Since sardines are so small, they do not accumulate as many toxins in their bodies and are considered a “clean fish”. Alternating eggs and sardines would be best with giving your dog them 2-3 times a week.
  • Bone broth: Not only does it promote healthy digestion, liver health and good for the joints, but bone broth provides hydration.
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables: There are so many benefits to eating fruits and vegetables for your dog. They have a ton of vitamins and minerals, enzymes, cancer-fighting properties, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-worms. Don’t worry about feeding vegetables everyday.
  • Coconut oil: With being high in fatty acids, your dog’s coat remains shiny and soft. One tablespoon per pound body weight is the best option.
  • Pumpkin puree: Overall, it helps boost the immune system, moisturize your dog skins and coats, and is a great source of vitamin A. Some dog companies even make dog treats out of them, such as Veggie Dog.

Final Word

As a summary, cavapoochons can only eat about 1.5 cups of food spread throughout the day in order to ensure you are not overfeeding them as well as keeping their digestive tracts on the right track. If you are still unsure, this food calculator can help you out even more. Not only do they need to be kept on a strict diet, but adding different types of food that we as humans eat every day will help ensure they are getting more of the proper nutrition in their lives. In following this, you can ensure your fur babies will live their longest and healthiest lives!

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