How Much Does an Aussiedoodle Cost?

When it comes to adopting designer dog breeds like the Aussiedoodle, they tend to cost quite a bit of money. […]

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When it comes to adopting designer dog breeds like the Aussiedoodle, they tend to cost quite a bit of money. While some lucky few have family members or friends who are willing to give them a puppy, most people will have to save up some money for the adoption process. But how much do Aussiedoodls cost?Depending on how you go about obtaining your Aussiedoodle puppy, you should expect to pay around $500 to $1,500. When adopting an Aussiedoodle from a shelter, you could spend anywhere between $150 to $500 depending on the dog’s age. If you find a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder, the price will then skyrocket. Depending on the traits, coat, and looks of the Aussiedoodle you want to buy, you will be spending around $1,500 up to $4,500.As you continue to read this article, we will go in-depth on the process of buying, adopting, or rescuing an Aussiedoodle. Furthermore, we will go over what causes Aussiedoodles to cost so much and some of the traits breeders look for when selling high priced Aussiedoodles. Finally, we will also talk about some of the potential hazards you need to watch for when adopting or purchasing from a breeder.

How Much Do Aussiedoodls Cost When Buying From A Breeder?

© Brian CopelandWhen looking to purchase an Aussiedoodle puppy from a breeder, you will be paying around $1,500 to $4,500. Aussiedoodles are so expensive because they are a very popular dog breed. If this is the route you wish to go, it is up to you to research the breeders near you. Aussiedoodles that cost around $1,500 will usually come from a backyard breeder or possibly a puppy mill. This has some downsides because most backyard breeders and puppy mills will not offer genetic testing to ensure that your puppy does not have any of the common diseases that its parents can pass down. Furthermore, most puppy mills and backyard breeders will not offer you a bill of health or a warranty guaranteeing your puppy is in good health.Most Aussiedoodles that cost around $2,500 or more will come from reputable breeders that care a lot more about your puppy’s health and their own reputation. These reputable breeders will offer you a clean bill of health by having the puppies tested and a health warranty.

Why Do Aussiedoodles Cost So Much?

A lot of work goes into breeding dogs, and sometimes even more when breeding some mixed breeds. Below we will go over all of the things reputable breeders need to take into consideration when pricing their Aussiedoodles

Health and Genetic Testing

Breeders will need to invest in testing their stock’s health and genetics in order to produce the best and healthiest puppies. These tests will often require X-rays on the hip and elbows, which can cost up to $400 or more. After the X-rays, breeders will need to get CERF exams done on the puppies, which will be able to tell if the puppy has inherited some genetic diseases. CERF exams are not cheap either as they cost $140 or more. Finally, the breeder will need to have a DNA test done, which will act as a way to prove the puppy is the breed they claim it to be. The DNA tests are the cheapest part of this process, costing around $50 per pup.

The Cost of Making Aussiedoodle Puppies and Keeping Them in Stock

Reputable breeders will need to invest in breeder dogs to produce Aussiedoodles reliably. Breeders will do this in two ways. First, the breeder can purchase either tested or untested Aussiedoodle puppies or adults. Untested Aussiedoodles will usually run breeders around $2,000 to $6,000. On the other hand, thoroughly tested Aussiedoodles will cost breeders around $8,000 to $10,000 per dog. The costs can vary depending on the coat and size category of the Aussiedoodles. When these dogs breed, they will produce F2, or second-generation, Aussiedoodles.

The second way of breeding Aussiedoodles required the breeder to purchase the purebred parents and produce the Aussiedoodles. The parents in question are a purebred Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. These dogs can cost anywhere between $700 to $3,000 depending on size and if they are tested. When the purebred parents mate, they will produce F1 or first-generation Aussiedoodles.

Mini, Medium, and Standard Aussiedoodles

For most dog breeds, there are three categories: miniature, medium, and standard. Furthermore, the miniature category is further separated into three more sizes: toy, micro, and teacup. The smaller the Aussiedoodle is, the more money you can expect to pay. Standard Aussiedoodles will usually range from around $1,500 to $2,500, whereas medium Aussidoodles can cost around $2,500 to $4,000.The miniature category is where you will find the most expensive Aussidoodles. If you want to purchase a miniature Aussiedoodle, expect to pay over $4,500 for your puppy. However, we will always recommend staying away from miniature dogs for a few reasons. First, breeders need to employ unethical breeding tactics to produce such small dogs, and the smaller the dog gets, the more dangerous everything around them becomes. For example, toy and teacup dogs can easily break their bones by jumping from your lap to the floor. Furthermore, the miniature category is more likely to suffer from health issues.

The Age Of The Aussiedoodle

It is very common for people to adopt puppies rather than adolescent or adult dogs. Most people will prefer adopting a puppy around 8 to 16 weeks old, making the younger puppies more expensive. In short, the older the puppy, the cheaper they get. However, there are some cases where a breeder will have some leftover puppies who have gotten a little too old to be sold for high prices. Not only can you purchase these puppies for a lower price, but the breeder might also be looking to send them to guardian homes.Becoming a guardian requires you to sign a contract saying that the dog you adopt will be used for breeding when they get older. The puppies your Aussiedoodle makes will be the property of the original breeder and will be sold when the time comes. However, the good part about this arrangement is that you will be paid for the puppies your Aussiedoodle makes. Becoming a guardian not only brings a new family member into your home that you will love for the years to come, but you can end up gaining a profit as well.

Aussiedoodle Coat Color

Aussiedoodles can have a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. Here is a list of the most commonly sold Aussiedoodle colors.

  • Black and White
  • Red and White
  • Blue Merle
  • Silver
  • Red Merle
  • Chocolate and White

With these colors your Aussiedoodle can have, your Aussidoodle can have a standard or rare pattern.

© F. D. RichardsThe rarer the color pattern on your Aussiedoodle, the more expensive they will be. Here are a few examples of fur patterns:

  • Standard
  • Phantom
  • Abstract
  • Blue Merle Parti
  • Red Merle Tri

The Location Of The Aussiedoodle Breeder

Depending on how far the breeder works from where you live can add a considerable cost to the Aussiedoodle you wish to purchase. If you need to have your Aussiedoodle shipped through commercial flights, you will need to pay for some tickets. You can either go on the plane yourself or pay for a nanny to care for your puppy. Either way, you will need a two-way ticket. You can also go with ground shipping which will be less expensive in general. However, possibly the cheapest method is driving out to the breeder’s location yourself, picking up your Aussiedoodle, and driving back home.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt Or Rescue An Aussiedoodle?

Adopting a dog is a much cheaper and alternative way of getting your dream dog. However, when looking for specific breeds, like an Aussiedoodle, you can be waiting for quite a long time. Aussiedoodles are a very popular dog breed, and most rescues or shelters will have a waiting list that you need to apply for. Furthermore, if there is no waiting list, you will need to check every few days because Aussiedoodles will rarely stay in a rescue or shelter for more than a couple of days.However, there is an upside to the rarity of adopting or rescuing an Aussiedoodle. Most rescues and shelters charge very little compared to breeders. So, if you are one of the lucky ones that happen to find an Aussiedoodle in a rescue or shelter, you will only be paying around $150 to $500 instead of the potential thousands you will spend at a breeder.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an Aussiedoodle will cost a bit of money solely due to its popularity. However, whether you purchased your Aussiedoodle from a breeder or got super lucky and found one at a rescue or shelter, you will have a very friendly and loving companion for the years to come. However, after the initial costs of purchasing your Aussiedoodle, you will still need to pay for high-quality food, vaccinations, vet visits, toys, and more.


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