Do Parakeets Make a Lot of Noise at Night?

It is a known fact that many small animals make a lot of noise at night, especially when they are […]

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It is a known fact that many small animals make a lot of noise at night, especially when they are nocturnal. Sometimes it will even be 6 AM on a Saturday and your bird will be squawking, letting you know that the sun is coming up and it is time to start your day when all you want to do is sleep in. One of the many questions you might be thinking is, do parakeets make a lot of noise at night? After all, you need a good night’s rest in order to not be a zombie all day!Parakeets will not make much of an uproar unless they are distressed or confused about what time of day it is. The majority of their singing will be throughout the duration of the day when the sun is up, since they are not nocturnal animals.Not only this, but birds sleep with half of their brains being awake, called unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, which alerts birds of any sort of predators while still remaining asleep. The best part about this is they can control this while other animals cannot. Who knows, they might even be alerting you for something that you would not have known about if they were not your pet. That being said, we are going to go more in depth on parakeets babbling during the evening.

What Does It Mean When Birds Make Noise At Night?

Typically, you never hear a bird chirping at night, but there is always that rare instance that they do. This could mean a variety of things. Sometimes, it will indicate they are in danger, confusion about whether it is day or night (thanks to our modern way of living), or a disturbance in their slumber. Other times it will be a bird’s natural habitat, such as with your typical nightowl. For parakeets, however, they are diurnal, which means activity goes on during the day and sleeping is for nighttime.

Why Won’t My Parakeet Sleep At Night?

When first bringing your budgie home, they will probably not sleep during the night for a good while until your bird gets used to the environment they’re in and having a new companion, which is you. Making sure they have a good nighttime routine and keeping it dark anywhere between 10-12 hours is a great way to ensure they will remain healthy and happy.Another reason as to why he or she may not be sleeping good is because it is not dark enough or the TV is on. Their owners may think this is helpful, but on the contrary, it does the opposite as they can get scared of shadows and noises easily.

What Time Do Budgies Go To Bed?

Unlike most of us where we typically get our shut eye much later during the day, budgies will go to sleep early at night around 9 PM then remain sleeping until the sun rises at 7-8 AM. Since they go to sleep early, how can you help your parakeet rest in the best way? Here are a few ways you can do in order to ensure a good slumber:

  1. Cover their cage up — this ensures your feathered friend feels safe, secured and keeps some of the noise out.
  2. Make sure the temperature isn’t too hot or cold — if there is a change in climate, they will feel uneasy.
  3. Keep their cages clean
  4. Provide them with something to sleep in. Parakeets love to feel secured and cozy.


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How Do I Get My Parakeet To Be Quiet?

Sometimes all you hear is “chirp, chirp” nonstop throughout the day and occasionally even at night, as mentioned previously. If you have come home from a very long day from work, especially after working with difficult people for 8-9 hours straight, all you want in your home is some sort of silence, even if it is just for 10 minutes. These are a few ways to keep your pet bird quiet.

  • Do not disrupt your feathered friend’s sleep — keep him or her in a separate room from all of the sounds going on, such as your room or a back room.
  • Speaking softly to your bird 
  • Move more slowly around —  quick movements may startle them
  • For smaller birds — put them in your shirt for better comfort. The warmth of your skin will allow them to feel safe and secured.
  • Make sure they are not speaking from outside noises — move their cage to a different location in order to keep them less distracted with this
  • Rewards always go a long way — make sure you give them a treat immediately after they are quiet

How Can You Calm a Bird Down?

Since birds in general are creatures of habit, they may feel stressed if the environment or schedule changes. This is why you will see them very weary of you and will not do much when you bring them home from the store. Your bird was used to surrounding themselves with all of these other birds to now being by themselves. Not only this, but small feathered animals are very sensitive creatures, so it is hard to manage when they are unable to calm down.So how exactly can you calm them down and what kind of habits will you create in order to ensure a happy-go-lucky bird?

  • Remain calm yourself — never yell at them, even when you want to out of frustration.
  • Provide enough stimulation throughout the day.
  • Let your bird out of the cage — just like humans, no animal wants to be cooped up all day. There are many videos of training your bird to fly to you if you are afraid of them flying away.
  • Move towards them slowly while approaching them in order to ensure they will not bite or peck at you.
  • Train your bird with a stick — sometimes they may not want to be man-handled. However, when you want them to be more social, training them to fly to the stick you are holding will allow your feathered friend to get more comfortable being near you.

Are Parakeets High Maintenance

Although these exotic creatures are not usually high maintenance, it is best to understand their characters a little bit more and go more in depth into what they require. It is not a lot, but enough to make you do things a little differently than if you own another animal, such as a dog or cat.

  • Parakeets cannot sleep well with a dirty environment, so ensuring it is always clean is the best way to go, as mentioned above.
  • Make sure they get a lot of social interaction. These animals do better in pairs, but there are of course a few key factors that come into play.
  • Make sure you are not giving them the same food every day.
  • They are musical animals, so singing or playing music will make them happy
  • Always be gentle
  • Buy enough stimulating bird toys

Do Parakeets Make a Lot of Noise?

In general, you will hear your budgie make a lot of noise throughout the daytime. They love to communicate, whether it is by telling you they are distressed or happy. Thankfully, they will not be extremely loud to the point where your ears are hurting. Of course, it can be annoying at times; especially if you are not used to hearing a lot of sound throughout the day. The good news about this though is that parakeets will make the majority of uproar during the day instead of at night.


Although your feathered friend will not make a lot of commotion at night, ensuring they have proper care throughout the day and making the environment quiet for them when it starts getting to be around that time will help them remain happy, calm and healthy throughout the day.

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