Do Chickens Make Good Pets?


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In the past centuries, chickens were treated as ordinary farm animals just necessary because of their manure, eggs, and meat. This narrative is slowly changing as more chickens are finding their way to the cities and nearer to houses than before. The unoccupied house backyards are slowly attracting chickens to town not only to provide meat, eggs, and manure but for an intimate relationship with human beings. They are steadily making their way into the list of the best pets available. People have posted pictures and videos on social media having a pleasant time with their chicken pets, and this has inspired other people to adopt them as pets. The rate of adoption is still low because many are still wondering whether they make good pets.

Benefits of keeping pets

Pets are necessary for life, and if you think you have no time to socialize, then the best way to have fun in your house is to have a pet. Pets will give you a good company and will always keep you distracted from your stressful life. Some pets like dogs and horses will always make you fit when taking your dog for a walk in the park or taking your horse for a ride.

Pets will instill responsibility into your life. Pets need to be groomed and attended to regularly. Having pets will ensure that you spend sometimes being responsible for meeting their needs despite your tight schedule. Responsibility is not only instilled by family and children, but also pets.


Pets have additional benefits, such as security. Pets will always alert every time an enemy is within your vicinity. Did you know that your horse neighs at night whenever it sees or senses a stranger? Cats will protect you from dangerous reptiles such as snakes. Dogs will ensure no one trespasses into your house or property.

Pets will care for your family. The best person to entrust with the security of your young baby is the pet dog or cat. Cats and dogs always ensure that they are responsible for the safety of your family. Chickens will ensure that your kids will play in the backyard, roll on the grass, and no worm or pest harm them.

Pests are necessary, ensure you have one that will protect your family. Ensure you incorporate them as part of the family.

Do chickens make good pets?

Did you know chickens make the best partners? Chickens are cute, funnier, and unlike other pets, do not crave for constant attention. Did you know that it is more comfortable working from home with your chicken pet beside you than your cat or dog? Chickens, unlike other pets, mind their own business unless you want their attention, and they will not interfere with your busy schedule because they want you to pat, cuddle, or hold them. The fact that they always mind their own business makes them the most excellent pet.

Chickens have different and unique personalities; you will only learn about this when you interact with them. Chickens also love to display their personality and will always parade around you to showcase their personalities. Some chickens love spending their time around people while others enjoy spending their time in the main house instead of backyards. These personalities make them friendlier, just like dogs and cats. You should name your chicken depending on their personality, and the level of trust will escalate to a new level.

They are perfect when you have small kids, certain breeds of chickens are loving and caring towards children, and your kids will always want to spend more time close to your chickens. Once your kids see you involved in caring for your chicken, they will join the routine of looking after the pets. This way, you can teach your kids to be responsible at an early level in life.

Did you know that chickens also love being held and will not show any aggression when held? Chickens enjoy human attention like other pets; however, the difference between them and other pets is that they do not come seeking your attention. Chickens will enjoy when you hold them, and once in a while, they will stick their beaks in your hair, trying to peck you. When holding them, be cautious not to put your eyes too close to them since they easily mistake the blink of an eye for a moving object, and they will try to eat any moving object.

Why keep chickens as pets

Keeping chickens as pets is a good idea, and if you are skeptical about it, then I urge you to try it out. Chickens offer more benefits than other pets, and you won’t realize this unless you try them out.

Compared to other pets, chickens are cheap and very affordable. The price of buying a chicken or a chick is less than that of a cat, dog, or a pet python. Despite being cheap, they offer additional benefits and save you at a certain cost compared to other pets. Chickens ensure you no longer have to spend a penny purchasing eggs or organic manure for your organic garden. Can you find such benefits from dogs and cats?

They also contribute directly to your health and nutritional balance by ensuring you have access to free eggs that will enrich your body with amino acids and vitamins A & E. Besides contributing to your health; Chickens will ensure that you fully utilize your food leftovers. Do you know chickens feed on rice, greens, and other foodstuffs except for junks and meat? With chickens, you no longer have to throw away certain foods. The ability to feed on food leftovers will save on the amount of capital you spend on buying chicken feeds.

Chickens keep your backyard clean, they are not necessarily involved in removing litter from your backyard, but they feed on pests and worms that are likely to add clutter to your backyard. Chickens ensure your backyard is safe from pests and worms that can be harmful to your kids. Their feeding habit guarantees security to your children by ensuring they can roll on the backyard grass and are safe from pests and worms that could be available in the grass. Did you know that chickens also feed on grass? Chickens need a sufficient amount of grass as fiber and to facilitate their production process. By feeding on the backyard grass, you do not need to lawn your backyard anymore.

Less maintenance cost. I am not saying that you should just abandon your chicken in your backyard. Pets should be regularly cleaned, fed, and housed well, and in case they show any signs of sickness, they should see a vet. Chickens reduce some of these costs; they are good at cleaning themselves. Their nutrition is not entirely purchased; you should allow your chickens to eat grass, food leftovers, and worms to supplement their meals. Chickens should also be allowed to move freely; therefore, you can set an automatic door to let your chicken in and out of their coop. Chickens do not need a walk in the park hence saving your time and allowing you to relax.

Garden grooming, do you have a garden in your backyard? With chickens as pets, you do not need to purchase organic fertilizers; neither do you need to spray them regularly. Chickens can entirely perform these functions. When grazing in the garden, chickens will feed on the pest and worms, and in return, they will add manure to the farm.

Did you know that chickens are team players? Chickens believe in working as a team compared to any other pet. Chickens will reproduce faster and ensure your backyard has a sufficient number of team members to provide garden grooming, pest control, garden manure, and enough eggs to share with your friends or enjoy with your extended family.

Breeds of chicken to pet

Not all chickens are friendly and would love being pets. Some breeds are naturally aggressive, and they will become hostile whenever you hold them and try petting them. If you are interested in keeping chickens as pets, here are some of the friendliest breeds. These breeds are friendly to both adults and kids.

© The Happy Chicken Coop


They are the most affectionate breed available, and they will spread their affection to your backyard. This breed believes in teamwork, and they reproduce fast to ensure your backyard is clean. Silkies are friendly and love spending time on the lap of their owners. Silkies have fuzzy feathers that kids usually find adorable and attractive.

©The Happy Chicken Coop

Barred Plymouth Rock

Their brilliant feathers make them very likable, mostly by kids. They are calm and enjoy spending time with children. They have excellent immunity and can endure harsh weather such as winters and hot summers. They have a longer life expectancy and lay more eggs compared to other breeds.

©Big Fluffy Orpingtons


This breed loves being held and petted and is more affectionate to small and large hands. They are broody and caring. They tend to care for their children up to late age. They do not abandon their kids early compared to other chickens.


Chicken make good pets; you can only discover this when you have one or some of them in your house or backyard. Unlike other pets, they protect your kids, keep your backyard clean, your garden safe, and they ensure you live a healthy lifestyle, and share the fun with others. Like other pets, they also love being cuddled and can keep you busy during the day. Try them out.


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