Are Ferrets Considered Rodents - WP

Are Ferrets Considered Rodents?

At some point in your life, odds are you have either wanted a small rodent or wish to eventually have one, especially if your parents did not allow you this luxury when you were a kid. One of the many small animals you may be considering is a ferret because of how cute and fluffy […]

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Can Guinea Pigs Have Romaine Lettuce - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Have Romaine Lettuce?

Guinea pigs are very diverse eaters as they can have a wide variety of commercial guinea pig foods, fruits, and vegetables. Although this may be true, it does not mean they can have anything and everything. When it comes to romaine lettuce, can they eat such a vegetable?  Guinea pigs can have romaine lettuce, as […]

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What is the Cost to Own a Guinea Pig - WP

What is the Cost to Own a Guinea Pig?

As with the purchase and ownership of any pet, when bringing a guinea pig home, you not only have to consider the initial cost of the pet but how much it will cost as supplies and care over time are concerned. Considering this, what is the cost to own a guinea pig?  The total cost […]

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What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Play With - WP

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Play With?

Guinea pigs are curious little creatures that are able to live among their owners without making too much of a ruckus. However well-mannered these animals may be, they also have a playful nature about them. When it comes to guinea pigs, what do they like to play with?  Guinea pigs like to play with toys […]

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How Many Babies Can a Guinea Pig Have - WP

How Many Babies Can a Guinea Pig Have?

Guinea pigs are a fun, easy-to-care-for pet for apartments, classrooms, and houses alike. If you find yourself in a position where one of your guinea pigs is expecting some babies of her own, you may be wondering just how many a guinea pig can have?  A guinea pig can have a litter of pups anywhere […]

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How To Train Your Guinea Pig - WP

How to Train Your Guinea Pig

Generally, guinea pigs are wonderful pets to have to their well-mannered, curious, and content behavior. However, training is needed to prepare them for handling, but can also be used as a way to teach them commands. Therefore, how exactly do you train a guinea pig?  To train your guinea pig, be sure you have a […]

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Why Do Guinea Pig Teeth Chatter_ - WP

Why Do Guinea Pig Teeth Chatter?

No matter what type of animal you encounter, there are going to be certain noises produced, whether obvious or discrete, that indicate a very particular message to humans and other animals. When it comes to the noises your guinea pig makes, why do their teeth chatter? Guinea pigs chatter their teeth as an indication of […]

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples - WP

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

When it comes to feeding your pet guinea pig, they are able to receive a well-rounded diet through a variety of different foods, however, if you are looking to give your pet a treat, what are the options? Can guinea pigs eat apples?  Yes, your guinea pig can eat apples when given as a treat, […]

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Paws and Claws- Pet Grooming Guide - WP

Paws and Claws: Pet Grooming Guide

One of the many things you will bestow upon later down the road is grooming your pet when having a dog or cat. For cats they mostly self-groom, so we will not be covering that today. On the other hand, they may not even understand what the term “being clean” means with dogs. This is […]

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Less-Known Pet Bird Species - WP

Less-Known Pet Bird Species

Having a beautiful and exotic pet bird can brighten even the dimmest of days. They are beautiful creatures and should be taken care of correctly instead of thinking of them more as a hobby inside your home. They deserve all of the love, attention, and respect of those who get them. You find yourself wanting […]

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Pet Insurance - WP

Pet Insurance: Complete Guide

All too often in life, unexpected things happen, or circumstances drop into our laps that can quickly spiral out of control, making a once happy situated home feel empty or bleak. When it happens to something materialistic like a window, or perhaps your bumper, it does not hold much weight behind it aside from the […]

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How long do parrots live - WP

How Long Do Parrots Live?

When looking for a bird as a pet, one might be wondering numerous things: diet, how to properly take care of birds, what amount of time you should be spending with them, or even teaching them to talk. In many cases, some might even wonder how long a parrot is going to live.  Depending on […]

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What is a Quaker Parrot - WP

What Is a Quaker Parrot?

Parrots are magnificent creatures. They are knowledgeable, exotic, and beautiful animals. One might find themselves wanting to have a Quaker parrot but have found out that they are banned in some states and are incredibly dissatisfied with this information. However, you may be wondering the very question of what IS a quaker parrot? Quaker parrots […]

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Do dogs and rabbits get along - WP

Do Dogs and Rabbits Get Along?

There are many animals out there that get along exceptionally well, especially when you are living on a farm. Dogs, in particular, will even be friendly with cats, contrary to popular belief. However, you may already have a dog and think about adding a rabbit into your family because of how cute and fluffy they […]

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Why Should Families Have Pets - WP

Why Should Families Have Pets? (15 Reasons)

When your family is starting to grow, you still may feel that you are missing something important in your life. A few years ago, seeing your oldest child walking for the first time or watching your second-born learn how to speak has brought you a great sense of joy. These are just one of the […]

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