Are Pet Mice Nocturnal

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

In buying a new gadget, you need to first know its specs and price. In buying a new bag, you need to first know its material and its dimension. In buying food, you need to know first its content and expiration date.  And these, same goes for buying or having mice as a pet. If … Read more

11 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pet Mouse

11 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pet Mouse

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are some of the popular pets that you usually hear and see. But as time goes by, mice have become common in regards to small pets.  Perhaps you are asking yourself if it is true. And I tell you now that this is not a joke, pet mice are for … Read more

Can Pet Mice Eat Strawberries

Can Pet Mice Eat Strawberries?

Mice are not being too picky about foods, but it is important to be exceptionally knowledgeable with respect to their eating diets. There are many foods that are inappropriate for mice and one mistake might be fatal for them. Mice are omnivores, meaning that they eat both vegetables and meat so you can offer a … Read more

Can Mice Drink From A Bowl

Can Mice Drink From A Bowl? | Should They Use A Drip Bottle?

The most important thing that every animal and pet needs is a fresh clean of water. They should stay hydrated, including pet mice. It is important that your little furry pet stay hydrated with fresh water.  There are two ways you can give them water in their cages, one is a water bowl and the … Read more