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How Much Do Ferrets Cost?

If you are looking into owning a ferret, there are many things to consider. The most important thing to acknowledge is the cost of purchasing one and the cost of keeping them happy and healthy. But how much should you expect to pay when looking to own a ferret? The cost of adequately homing a […]

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How To Give A Ferret A Bath - WP

How To Give A Ferret A Bath?

If you are a new owner of your very own furry ferret, or you’re considering adopting one of your own, one thing you may notice is that ferrets can be pretty stinky. This smell comes from their anal glands that secret a scent that is distinct to their species. But can you get rid of […]

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What Do Ferrets Eat - WP

What Do Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets are wonderful and exotic creatures who need a lot of attention. One of the many things for people who want to own a ferret is what precisely these animals eat and if you should feed them a specific diet or if they’re like many mammals who like to eat almost anything. Overall, ferrets are […]

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Are Ferrets Carnivores_ - WP

Are Ferrets Carnivores?

If you are a new owner to a ferret, you may be asking, “What do ferrets eat?” or “are ferrets carnivores?” Wondering what your ferret will eat is a logical thing to ask and the information needed to successfully raise a ferret to be happy and healthy throughout its life. In short, ferrets are strict […]

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What Are The Different Types Of Ferrets - WP

What Are The Different Types Of Ferrets?

Ferrets are an adorable type of weasel that were first domesticated in Europe of what we believe is over 2500 years ago. These animals have been used for hunting prey for centuries and are excellent pets to go around. These little guys are full of mischief and energy, always running around and even stealing and […]

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