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Ferret Care: What You Need to Know

When looking outside the scope of the traditional cat, dog, and fish pets, sometimes we wonder what other delightful little furry critters can be our life companions, such as the ferret.  In this guide, you will find out what these cute friends need in terms of care. This will also help you make an informed … Read more

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Are Ferrets Legal to Own in California?

Ferrets are wonderful and energetic creatures to have around. You may have just come from a state where they are legal but have recently moved to California and are now wondering if they are illegal, and what is the reasoning? Well, let us find out the answer down below.  Ferrets are indeed illegal to own … Read more

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What’s the Difference Between a Ferret and a Weasel?

Ferrets and weasels are both excellent pets to have, depending on what personality you have. Deciding between getting one tubular pet or another is a daunting task, especially considering they both have their own adorable little quirks that set them apart from the other. Whether you are attempting to pick which one you want to … Read more

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Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate?

You may be wondering why your bearded dragon sleeps for a day or more during the winter. At some point, it worries you because he eats less. Then you realize, maybe bearded dragons hibernate. Do bearded dragons hibernate? Bearded dragons do not hibernate. However, they undergo a similar state known as brumation. Brumation refers to cold-blooded … Read more

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What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

Are you not sure what to feed your bearded dragon? Some people, especially first-time owners, face the same kind of problem. Owning a bearded dragon requires proper care—that includes choosing the best food for them. What do bearded dragons eat? Bearded dragons eat a mixture of plants and insects. Insects such as Dubia Roaches, mealworms and … Read more

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Does A Bearded Dragon Make a Good Family Pet?

You may be thinking about getting a family pet and wondered if a bearded dragon would make a good one. You scrolled through the list and wanted something less conventional than a golden retriever—which led you to think of a bearded dragon.  Does a bearded dragon make a good family pet? A bearded dragon makes a … Read more

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What Is a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons—you have many people passionate about this lizard and for good reasons. Their gentle and inquisitive nature have made them popular.  What is a bearded dragon? A bearded dragon is an agamid lizard that originates from Australia. As the name suggests, a bearded dragon possesses scales and armor like a dragon. It puffs up a … Read more

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How Long Can a Box Turtle Live?

When it comes to owning a pet, some individuals want an animal that is going to last with them through the years. This lifespan is impossible for many pets, though when it comes to the box turtle, they live much longer than most. Exactly how long can they live?  Box turtles can live anywhere from … Read more

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What Does a Box Turtle Eat?

When it comes to owning a box turtle, many individuals may think that, due to the size and simplicity of this reptile, that their diet would be rather black and white. However, box turtles require a very diverse diet. With that being said, what exactly does a box turtle eat?  Box turtles are omnivores, therefore … Read more

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Does a Box Turtle Make a Good Pet?

It may seem a little risky to go outside of the standard fluffy, cuddly, and well-known options for pets when it comes to choosing one for yourself. Are there good pets out there that don’t include those covered in fur? With something like a box turtle, does it make a good pet?  Box turtles are … Read more

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Best Cages for Crested Geckos

For any pet owner, one of the top priorities is to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible in your home. You want plenty of space for them, high-quality food, and of course, the proper housing. When it comes to crested geckos, what are the best cages for them?  For crested geckos, … Read more

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Are Crested Geckos Good Pets?

When it comes to choosing the perfect pet, it can be a tough decision to go with a more common house pet versus something a little more exotic. Crested geckos are very interesting little reptiles, but are they good pets?  A crested gecko is a great option for those who want a pet that does … Read more

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How to Care for a Crested Gecko

When it comes to dogs, cats, and even the occasional rabbit, most individuals are relatively familiar with the type of care that these pets require. These animals are common in many households, but when it comes to a crested gecko, what kind of care does it need?  Crested geckos should have a habitat that is … Read more

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What is a Crested Gecko?

There are so many different names for the crested gecko: Rhacodactylus ciliatus, the eyelash gecko, crestie – the names could go on and on. The crested gecko may have many names with plenty of affection behind them, however, what exactly is a crested gecko?  Crested Geckos (more formally, Rhacodactylus ciliatus) are a species of geckos … Read more

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How Long Does a Crested Gecko Live?

If you are considering bringing in a crested gecko to your home as a new pet or have had one for a few years, you may be wondering just how long these adventurous little reptiles live. When it comes to crested geckos, exactly how long do they live?  A crested geckos lifespan can range anywhere … Read more