How To Comfort A Dying Dog - WP

How To Comfort A Dying Dog?

For most dog owners, the dog within their home becomes less of a pet, and more of a family member over the years. Dogs are a cherished animal by many, that will be gravely missed when gone. Therefore, when a dog is at its end, how can you comfort it?  To comfort a dying dog, … Read more

Do dogs and rabbits get along - WP

Do Dogs and Rabbits Get Along?

There are many animals out there that get along exceptionally well, especially when you are living on a farm. Dogs, in particular, will even be friendly with cats, contrary to popular belief. However, you may already have a dog and think about adding a rabbit into your family because of how cute and fluffy they … Read more

Does Cavachon Shed - WP

Does a Cavachon Shed?

You are excited because Mom and Dad finally said yes to you owning an animal! However, they mentioned that you need to pick a dog breed that does NOT shed because they do not want to deal with all of the endless piles of fur you will have to deal with. Your parents also mentioned … Read more

Corgipoo Puppies - WP

Corgipoo Puppies: Personality Traits

Corgipoo Puppies are adorable and very beautiful. These puppies can grow up to 12 inches and they are great for beginners and experts in the field of animal care. Corgipoo Puppies requires a lot of love and attention. They need a lot of human contact time also so that they can learn and master new … Read more

How Big Does A Maltese Get - WP

How Big Does a Maltese Get?

The Maltese, also known as the Maltese Terrier or the Maltaese is a small breed of long-haired dog probably originated in the toy category. It’s believed to have originated in southern-central Europe from tiny dogs of spitz kind. However, despite its name, it actually has no documented historical or genetic link to the island of … Read more

Why Can't Dogs Eat Pork - WP

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Pork?

It is a widely known fact that domesticated dogs’ ancestors were carnivores, hunters in fact. So there is no surprise when they come to you looking for a nice treat off of your plate. However, there are foods you would not feed your dog. At some point, you may have looked at the ingredients on … Read more

Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic - WP

Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic?

If you have kids, they may be asking you for a dog at least once a week. However, they are allergic to dogs, or even you might be. There is a way around this, which is you can get hypoallergenic dogs. There are plenty of breeds out there that carry this trait. You may have … Read more

Are Puggles Aggressive - WP

Are Puggles Aggressive?

Every pet owner wants to bring home their new pet knowing that there will not be problems when it comes to how they act towards other animals, but even more, towards people. Puggles are an adorable hybrid breed between a pug and beagle, but are they aggressive?  Due to the nature of the breeds that … Read more

Are Puggles Hypoallergenic - WP

Are Puggles Hypoallergenic?

There are pet owners out there who are insistent on having a dog that does not shed whether that is due to allergies or personal preference. On the flip side, there are those that are completely unbothered by shedding. When it comes to puggles, are they hypoallergenic?  Puggles are not considered to be a hypoallergenic … Read more

Are Schnoodles Hypoallergenic - WP

Are Schnoodles Hypoallergenic?

Schnoodles are an incredibly lovable breed- the crossbreed between a Poodle and a Schnauzer leading to soft and fluffy (or wavy) fur and a friendly personality to match. While they rub off on most people very well, it is understandable to question if this is a good thing for allergy sufferers. While no dog is … Read more

Are Pugs Lazy - WP

Are Pugs Lazy?

Pugs have what some call a “face only a mother could love”, yet this breed of dog has made its way into the hearts of many. Still, whether you are wondering if your pug’s sleep habits are normal or are just looking at what owning a pug might be like, you might wonder if they … Read more

Are Corgis Good with Cats - WP

Are Corgis Good with Cats?

Considering bringing a new pet into your home is always an exciting quest. But, if you already have pets, you might be wondering how introducing a new one into your home will go. When it comes to Corgis and cats, you need to know how well they are expected to do together before bringing them … Read more

Are Corgis Aggressive - WP

Are Corgis Aggressive?

Bringing a new pet into your family can be one of the most exciting days of your and your children’s lives. However, when looking for a good breed of dog, you want to make sure they are not aggressive. Corgis are beloved for many reasons, but are they aggressive? Corgis are not known to be … Read more

Mini Poodles - WP

Mini Poodles: Everything You Need/Want to Know

Mini poodles are the tiny version of the poodles the world has seen for centuries. They are loyal pets, are loved by many, and are a great dog to have if you are in need of a companion. To get a good all-around picture of a mini poodle, here is everything you need/want to know.  … Read more

How Much Does A Bichon Frise Cost - WP

How Much Does A Bichon Frise Cost?

Bichon Frises are among the most popular breeds in America. They are lovable and have personalities that brighten up the world around them. Buying a Bichon can be expensive, and so can the costs once you bring your cute little Bichon home. Prices can range from $300 to $3000 and beyond. It will depend on … Read more