can Chicken Eat Tomato

Can Chicken Eat Tomatoes?

Most chicken may be worried over the numerous things that chicken eat whether given to them or not. For instance, can they eat tomatoes? Read on to find out. As a chicken owner, you want your chickens to be happy and healthy. Natural and whole foods may be healthy for them, but you may have … Read more

Can A Chicken Swim

Can a Chicken Swim?

If you keep chicken at home, you may be worried about them stumbling and falling into large pools of water. If they do, will they swim or will they drown? Read this article to find out. Those who keep chicken know how important the safety of their chicken is. The question about whether chicken can … Read more

Indoor Pet Chicken

Can Chicken Live Inside? Indoor Pet chicken

Have you ever toyed with the idea of keeping chicken in the house? can you really live in the same house as the chickens? Read on to find your answers. At one time or another, many people toy with the idea of having a pet chicken in their houses. If you intend to keep chicken … Read more

Hay For Chicken Bedding

Can You Use Hay For Chicken Bedding?

As a chicken keeper, you must ensure your chicken bedding is comfortable for your chicken. Can you make it using hay? Read on to find out. Whether your chicken coop floor is made of concrete dirt or wood, the key to keeping your chickens healthy and odorless is the proper use of coop bedding. Chicken … Read more

Do Chickens Need Water at Night

Do Chickens Need Water at Night?

The rearing of chicken is the most, if not one of the most rewarding farming experience that is becoming more and more popular these days. Feeding the chicken is one of the most important tasks when it comes to keeping backyard chicken. Whether you want to start rearing chicken or want to improve the quality … Read more

Do Chicken Make Good Pets

Do Chickens Make Good Pets?

In the past centuries, chickens were treated as ordinary farm animals just necessary because of their manure, eggs, and meat. This narrative is slowly changing as more chickens are finding their way to the cities and nearer to houses than before. The unoccupied house backyards are slowly attracting chickens to town not only to provide … Read more

Can chicken eat Grapes

Can Chickens Eat Grapes?

It’s nice watching your chickens feeding; during this time, you get to see how greedy they are, and you can also identify the greediest chicken. Sometimes you may forget and get too much involved in the fun and experimentation on how much your chickens consume. This is, however, dangerous, mostly when you are feeding them … Read more