Big Gerbil Cages

It is always advisable to get your gerbil a big cage, as space counts for a lot, allowing the gerbil enough space to explore burrow exercise and rest.

Are there big gerbil cages? Yes, there are several huge gerbil cages that provide living areas, exercise, and burrowing areas.

Due to gerbils being more communal animals, a big cage will ensure sufficient space for co-existence, which will lead to a happier gerbil.


In this article, we will look at some of the big gerbil cages available for purchase.

The Plaza Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with three Floors

This is one of the big cages with a lot of room, separated efficiently to provide your pet gerbil with the best time possible. The cage is easy to set up, with simple instructions to help build the cage to perfection.

The cage will also require no extra tools while building up to add to its efficiency level.

The cage comes in a multi-floor system, each area designed to serve a specific purpose, and still has enough room for your pet to go burrowing when they feel like exploring. It comes with several accessories, including a small wood house, a hideaway, a see-saw bowl, and a wheel for exercise.

The cage is also efficient as it is light, easy to break down and build up, making it easy to move around and let the pet experience different parts of the house and can also be folded up for storage if necessary.

The cage measures 78 cm by 48 cm by 80 cm and has a depth at the base of an atheist 12cm.

The Langham Tall Cage with Two Floors

The Langham Hamster Cage comes with two floors and all the tools to make a spacious cage feel comfortable and perfect for your furry little friend. You will find a multi-floor system joined by a ladder, with the upper deck dedicated to mainly sleep and exercise. At the same time, the lower floor is made especially for relaxation, feeding, and a base section for a bit of burrowing.

The available accessories for this cage include a hideaway, exercise wheels, and feeding bowls.

The cage is also a straightforward assembly type that does not require any extra tools to set up. It is light, easy to build and break down, making it easy to store and build back up.

The cage has a secure door measuring at least 68cm in length and 38 cm in width and a smaller opening front door measuring 11cm in length by 12.8cm in width. The whole cage measures 78cm length by 48cm width and 58cm height, plus a base depth of 12cm t allow the burrowing activities of your gerbil to continue unencumbered.

The Grosvenor Cage

The Grosvenor cage is another huge cage fit for your smaller furry friends. It comes equipped with a shelf and a wooden ladder, plus a hideaway, a wheel, and a bowl.

The cage is also easy to collapse and rebuild and will not require extra equipment.

The measurements are such that the door is at least length 68cm by 38 cm width. The cage is 78cm in length by 48cm in width, and 36cm in height. It also comes with a super narrow bar spacing of 1cm.

Savic Gerbilirium Cage

The Savic Gerbil Cage can hold up to 2 gerbils, a dwarf hamster, or two mice. The cage will b the perfect place for your gerbil, complete with a plastic tank, dual wire-level roof, feeding bowls, play tube water bottles, and a ladder.

The cage also has enough space left for your pet to burrow around and enjoy themselves, while the exercise area will allow them to keep fit and keep busy inside their cages.

The cage is quite huge and can handle and house around four gerbils comfortably. It goes for around $80

The dimensions are such that it comes with a height of 51cm, a width of 70cm, and a length of 37cm.

Baylee Cage

The Baylee Cage is one of the biggest cages on this list and offers a lot of room for your smaller furry pets. It comes with a massive 120cm height, 40 cm width, and a length of 60 cm at an average weight of 14.2kg.

The cage comes with steps and ramps meant to encourage the gerbil to explore the massive space. It also has a lattice roof that allows the pet plenty of air, with front-hinged doors, easy to close and secure. The front side of the cage is made up of viewing windows to allow the pet owner to monitor the pet.

Some of the features that come with the cage include bedding material, storage capabilities allowing for their hoarding habits, and playthings t keep them fit.

The cage is also fairly easy to build up but will require a grownup or someone who has built something up before.

Abrams Weather Resistant Hutch

This is one of the larger and more sophisticated cages for your gerbil pet, with the capability of holding a number of our furry friends with no strain at all. The cage is divided into two parts, the house, and the play area, allowing your pets to experience a house and a yard.

The house part of the cage is made from durable materials which allow longevity and reduce the risk of any damages happening and potentially injuring your pets.  The house is divided into two, the mailroom connected to the upper deck with a ramp. The upper part of the house also has a removable roof, redefining the concept of open-air houses.

For cleaning purposes, the floor is more of a pull-out tray, which makes it easier to clean, with waterproof paint on the house, reducing any chances of water damage.

The play area as part of the cage is also protected by a metal fence which allows the pets to be brought outside and left without the risk of them turning to dinner for a wild animal outside.

The cage comes at a 150cm length, by 53cm height on the outside play area and 68cm height for the house area, and a 52.2cm width.

4 Storey Gerbilirium from IKEA KALLAX

This is one of the huge Gerbilirium on the list and will take up considerable space in your house. IKEA KALLAX created this type of cage for pet owners wanting to take space to a new height. You can keep several gerbils on this cage and providing all the space your pet will ever need to enjoy to the fullest.

The cage will require some time to build up, and because it is so heavy, you may need some help getting it home and setting it up. It may appear not very easy with several instructions on how to get it to the proper functioning and will take some time to get it right.

However, after it’s done, your pets will be the happiest little things on earth!

There will e enough space to put as much bedding material as you want, plus all the toys and features you’d wish for your pet.

The materials the cage comes with include:

  • VARIERA shelf inserts
  • Glass panes
  • Aluminum profiles for the glass slide ones
  • Wood board covers
  • PVC sheets for the floor
  • Acrylic glass
  • Background pictures for the interior walls
  • Glass panes specially cut.

Niteantgel Glass Pet Cage

The Niteantgel Glass Pet Cage is a beautiful-looking enclosure that can only be referred to as a gerbil mansion due to its huge size and posh finishing. It comes with a glass design and at least 50 gallons of space with much-needed features o ensure your gerbil is having the best time.

It comes with a sturdy perforated lid made entirely from aluminum to ensure it is as durable as possible, plus there is good air circulation within the tank. The lid can be removed, making for easy cleaning and transportation of your gerbils.

The cage also comes with two large opening doors; to ensure you have access to every part of the cage when you need to. The doors also come with secure locks to ensure nothing goes in or out when not required to.

The cage can hold up to five gerbils comfortably.

However, the cage does not come with accessories, and you will have to purchase extra features if you want them in the cage.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

This is a wire mesh cage that comes with a plastic base meant for burrowing. The cage is more common to larger animals but is perfect for a gerbil where the owner wants to spoil their pet.

The cage is at least 46 gallons in measurement, with a large base to ensure your pet has all the space or exploration they can get. The cage also comes with a plastic shelf and an additional ramp to split the age into two different sections. With a base depth of around 6nches, your gerbil will be burrowing to its maximum capacity.

The cage also comes with horizontal bars to allow the gerbil to climb the cage if he feels like it.

The wire mesh tapper can be removed to help with easier cleaning, plus the cage also has two huge doors to allow you to access them anytime you need to.

The cage is also lightweight and easy to build up ad fold down when necessary.

Mcage Gerbil Cage

Are you looking to get your gerbil what seems like a storey cage with at least five floors? Well, Mcage is the cage to get! It is one of the larger cages in the Mcage series and will be sure to be a luxury for your pet. The five storeys are divided by five-level mezzanine floors, all interconnected through a wire bridge and ladders, allowing your pet to access all parts of the cage.

The base of the cage can easily be removed for cleaning.

The gerbil cage also has several features, including a wheel for exercise, a water bottle, and a food bowl.

The cage measures 21.2cm in length, 14cm in width, and a height of 23 cm. the cage also comes with horizontal and vertical bars that the gerbil can climb if he gets tired of the other features in the cage.

There are three entrances, the top, and two side doors, with a house on one of the floors.

Bernie Gerbil Cage

This is another huge gerbil cage from the Bernie brand series. The dimensions are 37cm height by 46 cm width and 46 cm length. The cage s made up of two platforms connected with ladders. The cage comes in either blue or pink with a black base.

Some of the features that come with the cage include a nesting house, exercise wheel, transparent tubes, and easy to open doors that provide maximum access inside the cage.

The cage is easily portable with a handle at the top that makes it easy to carry around.

The cage weighs 6 pounds and comes with a 150ml capacity water bottle. The cages’ wire mesh is coated with a chew-proof paint that is black as the base.

Abby Large Gerbil

This is one of the bigger cages in the Abby band series.  The pet will feel almost like it’s on the open field due to the amount of space available. The cage measures 48cm height by 46cm width and 29cm length.

The cage comes with three tiers, with four platforms where the pet can climb up and down.

Some of the features you can expect to come with the cage include ladders, tubes interconnected to the different floors, a drinking water bottle, and an eating bowl. You can also expect to find an exercise wheel, helping the gerbil stay in shape.

The cage also has double doors allowing you to reach every corner of the cage with no problems. The cage is also easily portable as it comes with a handle to help transport the cage.

Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage

The Qute series adds a touch of class to the mundane requirements for a gerbil cage.  It utilizes the space innovatively to create an environment that s accommodating, comfortable, and healthy environment for your pet.

You can get the Qute gerbil cage in either white birch or walnut colors, whichever best compliments your home’s environment and color.

The pet will get everything from a burrowing area with a tray and wire mesh combination. An innovative tube that allows the gerbil to enjoy itself as it moves between the cage floors. The tube uses a lift and lock feature, which means you can restrict your gerbils’ movements for such things as cleaning.

The living area comes with a safety wire gauge with an even more secure lock to prevent anything from going out or in.

The cage comes with a water bottle, a feeding bowl, an exercise wheel.

The dimensions are 64cm H by 48cm L by 37cm W.

The Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage

This is another luxurious age, separated into two floors. It has ample space and is made in a way that provides the most comfort for your pet.

The cage comes with a glass base with enough room for the gerbil to burrow all it wants.  The glass finishing is also important as it reduces damages that can come from chewing the age materials.

The cage comes in a beautiful and modern design, with the upper deck including features such as the gerbil’s house, exercise area, and feeding accessories.

The multi-floor system is separated by a ladder which the gerbil can use to go to and fro.

The dimensions are such that it is 58cm L by 38cm W by 47cm H, and the weight is 19kg

Diversa Guardian Glass aquarium

It may seem insane purchasing a huge aquarium for a gerbil, but the aquarium provides one of the best enclosures ensuring your pet is safe from harm’s way. The size also plays a big role as your pet gets a spacious area they can explore and burrow their minds off.

The Diversa also allows you the opportunity to get creative, as you can separate the cage as you see fit and add all kinds of features to the mix.

The dimensions are such that it has a 120cm L by 50cm W by 50cm Hand can hold up to five gerbils.

Hamster Homes Extra Large Hamster Mouse and Gerbil cage

This is another huge gerbil cage that is sure to leave all the space your gerbil would want to run, burrow, and explore. The cage has a Perspex front, a 13mm square mesh roof, a top frame, and a detachable base that makes it easy t clean the cage.

The base can hold the gerbils’ favorite substrate and comes with a wheel to ensure your gerbil keeps fit.

The floor comes with 250ml tin of pet-safe mate wood sealed to help seal the base of the floor and prevent damage from urine and stains.

The manufacturer also allows clients to customize their age before they et t, making it a more private and personal cage for your gerbil.

The cage is made room 20mm kiln-dried timber frame. It also has an 18mm timber paneling. The whole roof opens upwards and also comes with some roof support.

The dimensions are such that it is 90c, L by 60cm W by 42cm H


Considering that the gerbil cage is the place they will live out their life, it is advisable to get something worthwhile and ensure they have a great stay in their cage. Provide any features you feel will make the gerbil happier, and ensure to keep it clean.

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