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Having chickens in your life is excellent because you do not have to worry about running to the store and […]

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Having chickens in your life is excellent because you do not have to worry about running to the store and buying many eggs! Although they are relatively cheap, having the convenience of raising chickens yourself is both a blessing and more manageable, in some cases. Chickens may be a lot of work, but the feeling of making something for your household is something worth being proud of!

You have come here because you wish to find the best wire for chickens, and that is what we will be going over today. When looking to find a safety wire, you will be looking into many categories: price, safety, and strength. This is because you want to have the best choice when it comes to your chickens.

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5 Best Wire Chicken Runs:

TOOCA Hardware Cloth

This specific type of chicken wire is an excellent choice in many ways. The TOOCA is 1/2 inches mesh worldwide wiring land is ideal for a rabbit run, chicken coop, vegetable garden, and duck pens. However, you can most definitely use it for other reasons, such as protecting your home from rattlesnakes or other rodents from trying to enter your own home.

The recommended depth is 2 to 3 inches underground for best security. The material that the TOOCA is made out of is a 19-gauge double-layer iron wire. It is then hot dipped and provides a double-layer of coating to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring. However, it is easy to cut with scissors if need be.

Many of them are extremely happy with their purchases and say it keeps the critters out of both their gardens and in their chicken coops in terms of homeowners using the fencing. There were a couple of complaints on how it was not easy to handle, but overall, it is exceptionally sturdy fencing.

VARWANEO Hardware Cloth

The VARWANEO is yet another sturdy chicken wire to use. It is very similar to the TOOCA because the wiring is 19-gauge and 1/2 an inch from all sides. Not only that, but this wire was also Galvanized after welding to keep a more extended service of life. You can cut at its will, and it will surely keep all the pests out due to its durability.

Not only that, but this hardware cloth has good anti-rust material and will not easily rust. It is low-carbon steel, yet high of quality. Many users say they love it and have had hardly any complaints so far.

Amagabeli Hardware Cloth (1/2in)

For those who want to choose yet another strong chicken wire, Amagabeli hardware cloth is another excellent option for you. It is ideal for a snake fence, opossum rehab cage, rabbit fencing, chicken coops to keep animals from living under your deck, and much more. This wiring will surely keep out small critters.

The mesh holes are 1/2 an inch to keep your farm critters and vegetable plants safe, especially since that is a tiny area to attempt to get through. The wire thickness is also 0.7mm, thickened for durability use, and made with long-lasting material. To keep peace of mind, make sure to dig a shallow trench before installing to ensure the fence is underground.

The coat is made out of double zinc hardware cloth for maximum rust resistance and has been galvanized. However, it is not too stiff of a material that you cannot cut through it. Amagabeli also mentions how they offer excellent customer care if you have any questions about their product.

Amagabeli Garden & Home Hardware Cloth (1/4in)

Being another Amagabeli brand on the list, this hardware cloth fencing comes in 1/4 an inch instead of 1/2 an inch, so if you wish to find something with a smaller opening, then this is the fencing to do so. It is explicitly welded for a chicken coop, snake fence, rabbit fencing, and much more. It also does an excellent job at keeping out raccoons, gophers, and voles. Overall, it would be tough for even a small animal to get in or out.

The material is galvanized to ensure that all welding points will provide maximum rust resistance and provide a long life. The weave is not too stiff, either, and is a 19-gauge, so it is easy to cut with scissors or cutters.

Many customers are satisfied with their product, but a few mentioned it is not as sturdy as they thought, so keep this in mind before purchasing.

Land Guard Black Hardware Cloth

Lastly, we are going to be discussing Land Guard, which is a black hardware cloth product. It is a bit more on the expensive side but does the job well. The size comes in 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch square holes and is made with a 19-gauge hot-dipped after being welded together with a black epoxy coating. The wire diameter is 1.04mm, which is a bit stronger than another fencing mentioned above.

Not only that, but this wire is extremely high quality, and it causes the product to be heavy, so be careful when installing, as per Land Guard’s instructions. However, it will not easily rust, and the nodes will not easily break, which is huge if you wish to have something solid and sturdy. Not only that but the wires will not be intertwined together, unlike some other products out there.

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Important Information to Know

Although a lot of chicken wire may seem similar at first, this is an understatement. There are many differences you should look out for when choosing to find your best wire.

Size of the Wiring

The sizing of a wire means the openings a wire has. As you have seen above, we only recommended wires that were either 1/4 or 1/2 an inch. This is to keep the chickens or other animals safe from predators that attempt to get through. Many companies use 1/2 an inch. However, there are many different sizes of wiring available. The larger sizes can go up to 2 inches.

Most patterns on the wires are hexagonal, but some are square. Most wires are either 20 or 19-gauge in weight.


Having durable wiring will help ensure that they will not break down quickly, keeps predators out, and allows them not to bend out of shape as much. The gauge width is something to always take into consideration because this determines its durability. Usually, wires will range from 19 to 22 gauges.

Although gauge width is good, the tightness of the weave is another important key factor. A chicken wire that has smaller holes will be more solid than those that have bigger holes.

Wire Material

The majority of chicken wire is made up of some metal. You can find the wiring to be made out of steel, metal, galvanized steel, bare steel, and other coats of metal. In the above wiring mentioned, you can quickly tell that galvanized steel is the most commonly used.

If the galvanized steel is coated with zinc, it will protect the wiring from any rusting and corrosion, so it is a good idea to have them galvanized.

Some wiring that is galvanized will be coated in plastic, which ensures more years of usage can come out of the wiring. Having it covered in plastic may be a good option for you to have, especially since chicken wire starts to rust in roughly five years, especially if you live in a cold and damp climate.

Can Predators Still Get Through?

You may think that chicken wire will wind up keeping predators out of the pin, but this is not the truth. However, you can prevent this from happening by double or triple layering the pen with the wires. It is also a wise decision to keep your chickens near your homes. If something weird were to occur, then you can easily hear it happening, which will help you with keeping your chickens safe.

How to Keep My Chickens Safe

You will always be wondering how you can keep your chickens safe from any predator that comes to pass. The ones we have mentioned above are hardwired cloth, a better option for your chickens. So, here are many opportunities to remember:

  • Put a roof over your chickens head
  • Use quality locks.
  • Consider having a rooster.
  • Install motion-activated lights.
  • Consider electric fencing.
  • Do regular inspections and ensure they are safely locked up every night.
  • Consider digging underneath a few inches to keep pests from digging.

Final Thought

Overall, there are many excellent choices when it comes to wires for your chicken run. As long as you watch out for those specifications, there should be no issues with getting it installed and placed inside your room. We wish you the best of luck in finding the best wire possible for your area!

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