Best Heat Lamps For Dogs

Heat lamps can be the difference between giving your dog a warm and comfortable kennel and one that does not […]

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Heat lamps can be the difference between giving your dog a warm and comfortable kennel and one that does not provide the conditions your pet needs. Small dogs living outside the house must have a proper shelter to ensure their well-being, hygiene, and health. What are the best heat lamps for dogs?

According to expert opinion and buyer reviews, the best heat lamps are:

  • Ceramic heat emitters.
  • Premium Zilla reflector domes.
  • Zacro heat lamps with a thermometer.
  • Premier heat lamps.
  • The chicken coop heaters.

In case your dog only spends short periods out of the warmth of the house, those periods should also be warm and pleasant. Cold weather can be very harmful to your dog, especially for small breeds. For this reason, heat lamps play a crucial role in giving your pet a high quality of life. In the following sections, we will learn more about heat lamps and their advantages for our dogs.

What Is A Dog Heat Lamp?

Dog heat lamps are infrared light bulbs that go inside a lamp housing. Dog owners use these heat lamps to warm up their dogs or puppies. These lamps are ideal for small dogs, and people usually install them inside the dog’s house or kennel.

The heat lamps help to maintain the area’s heat where we install them if you need to keep your dog comfortable and warm.

Why Should We Use A Heat Lamp?

We can find several reasons that more than justify having a heat lamp for dogs, especially if our dog is small or a puppy. Let’s review some of these reasons.

It Is Helpful To Heat Places That Have Sudden Temperature Changes

These lamps are essential sources of heat. This fact makes them very useful, especially in places with high-temperature fluctuations. The point of the most concentration of heat reception of the lamp is just below it. As the light moves away from this point, the temperature will gradually cool down.

Small dogs and puppies should have enough room to move between these temperatures to find the perfect heat level for them. In addition, you can place it at different heights, which will also help to modify the temperature as desired.

Heat Lamps Are Not A Safety Hazard For Dogs

You can hang the heat lamp at a height where it is out of reach of dogs, so it will never be a risk for our pets.

Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Lamps Will Not Be A Problem

By not having the lamps near the dogs, there is no risk of soiling or damaging them. These lamps will always be clean and ready to store until we need them again.

Heat Lamps Eliminate Humidity

Heat lamps also help us eliminate humidity from the dog’s space, especially if we live in high humidity.

Why Might Small Dogs Need A Heat Lamp?

Heat lamps can be a handy tool for your dog. These lamps become even more critical when it comes to small dogs or puppies. Here are the main reasons why your dog might need one of these lamps:

  • Puppies cannot maintain their body heat until one or two weeks after birth. For this reason, heating the area where they will spend this time with a heat lamp is the best thing you can do.
  • Intense cold and humidity can kill small dogs and puppies in a short time. If the place you have arranged for your dog is cold and humid, the use of a heat lamp is practically indispensable.
  • Heat lamps are the easiest way to ensure that the dog’s habitat is warm enough to feel comfortable and happy.
  • Please don’t rely on the fact that your small dog’s coat will be enough to keep him warm in the winter. The reality is that it is seldom enough. While it is true that a dog’s fur can provide some insulation, it will not be enough to keep him warm when the temperature drops sharply.
  • The dog’s nose, paws, and stomach do not have the same fur as the rest of the body. Because of this, these parts of the dog are much more sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Heat lamps ensure that your small dog will always have a space with a stable temperature, regardless of the season it is.
  • Heat lamps are beneficial during the winter months.
  • Heat lamps will also be beneficial when the small dog or puppy has a high sensitivity to cold. They are also essential when the dog is recovering from an illness, and its body demands more heat.

What Are The Best Heat Lamps For Dogs?

There are several heat lamps that experts and buyers consider the most suitable for use with small dogs.

The Ceramic Heat Emitter

The Zoo Med ceramic heat emitter is one of the best heat lamps you could have. This emitter comes in 60W, 100W, and 150W sizes. This heat lamp has an approximate lifetime of 5 years. The product comes with a wire clamp and can only be used with a porcelain socket.

The emitter works similar to light bulbs, except that they do not generate light, which some homeowners prefer.

The installation of this emitter is effortless, as you screw it in and turn it on. The porcelain heater emits low wavelength infrared rays, which makes your dog comfortable and warm. If you follow all the manufacturer’s directions to the letter, you should not have any concerns about your dog’s safety.

The cost of this emitter is higher than other devices; however, you should consider the product’s long life. The heat emitter only works indoors so that it may dry out the air in the room. In this case, you should closely monitor the humidity level.

Zilla Premium Reflector Canopies

These dome heat lamps are some of the most innovative heat lamps available. The canopy comes with a ceramic fixture that allows incandescent bulbs and heat emitters up to 150W. Another great feature is a reflective surface that helps transmit heat and light to your dog.

The lamp is ideal for use with light timers to mimic the dog’s natural lighting cycle. It has a meter-long power cord, which helps to keep it out of the dog’s reach. It is 8.5″ in size, making it easy to adapt to a wide variety of bulbs.

Zacro Heat Lamp With Thermometer

This lamp is unique because it offers a 24-hour heat source for all types of dogs, hamsters, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. Its great differentiator is that it has a thermometer, it also has a thermal efficiency of 99%. This lamp does not emit light, which means it will not disturb your pet’s sleep.

The lamp has a flat design which is more efficient than the traditional conical design. The conical design accumulates excess heat, while the flat design is more even and durable.

Buyers of this product love it for its power and robustness; the only thing you should note is that you can only use it with ceramic sockets. If you use it with a plastic cap, the cap will most likely melt.

Premier Heat Lamp

This lamp is an integral device as it combines the heat your dog needs with total safety. Where this lamp stands out the most is in its suspension system, in addition to the fact that it is a lamp that works perfectly both outdoors and indoors.

It has a ventilated chimney system that helps with optimal heat displacement. This product has excellent resistance since it contains glass-reinforced plastic, which adds durability to the lamp to withstand high temperatures. It has a spring-loaded anti-bite cord that will prevent your dog from damaging the cable.

This product is beneficial not only for dogs but also for chickens and ducks.

Chicken Coop Heaters

This heater is ideal not only for chickens but also for small animals. It can heat the dog’s house and has 200W of power, and is a very safe product. The assembly of this heating system is straightforward and has very low noise emissions.

A Final Thought On Heat Lamps For Dogs

Heat lamps are essential tools for providing heat to small dogs and puppies. These dogs have a coat that will only partially insulate them from the prevailing weather conditions. For this reason, when the temperature drops drastically, heat lamps can help your dog maintain an ideal body temperature for the benefit of its health and comfort.

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